19 things smaller than Ant-Man

While it’s hard to find anything smaller than our tiny, ant-befriending, ex-convict-turned-superhero, we’ve found a few things that might just challenge how small he really is. Even the quantum realm is getting a run for its money with these very small things!

19. US President Trump’s self-control on Twitter

18. Also his hands

17. The amount of patience we have in the airport

16. Metro Manila sidewalks

15. Tempers during the Philippines-Australia basketball game

14. The amount of cellphone signal at any given moment in the Metro

13. The gaps between you and anyone else while you’re packed together in the MRT

12. Willpower when deciding between eating healthy and more fast food

11. Likelihood of your smartphone surviving a fall

10. Self-control around dogs

9. The number of imperfections that Cate Blanchett has

8. Likelihood to say no to extra rice

7. Contact lens when dropped on the floor

6. The chances of ever seeing the ballpen you lent to someone again

5. My tolerance for Crocs

4. Patience when on EDSA

3. The number of people who will actually answer your survey

2. The number of people sliding into your DMs

1. The amount of money in my bank account a week after sweldo… or a day

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