18 Times Nico Bolzico Cracked Us Up on Instagram

Nico Bolzico, aka Mr. Solenn Heussaff, is more than what meets the eye. Yes, most of you might know him for being actress/model Solenn Heussaff’s hubby, or for his admirable physique (to put it nicely), but did you know that the Argentine lad is also a funny man? Like, hilarious?

In fact, Nico Bolzico is also kind of a prankster, and his pranks have gotten him into trouble with his #wifezilla more than a few times. But what is marriage life without a little (or a lot) of laughs, right? So we’ve stalked Nico’s Instagram, and here we’ve compiled some of his funniest posts on Instagram!

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18. When they spent more time taking the right pic than exercising (which is all of us, tbh)

Working out time 1 hr, taking the right pic time 2.3 hrs! Always fun w this one!

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17. When he was way too honest about his interests

Falling in love with you everyday! Except for Sundays, Sunday is football day! #belleadrien2016 #sosbolzitaly

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16. When he regretted his fashion choices

15. When he realized the harsh realities of the Instalife

14. When he caught Solenn in the middle of a dance

13. When he woke the #wifezilla up

How to wake up WifeZilla version 1 point oh! #wifezillaseries

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12. When he shared a sad truth about marrying into show business

Wifezilla feeds me every morning when she doesn’t have work, meaning once a month! #thesoftsideofwifezilla

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11. When the Insta-game is stronger than the work-out game

10. When he caught Solenn talking to herself

9. When they decided to finally kick Betty the Fly out (who’s been living rent-free)

8. When he dropped Solenn during their wedding photoshoot

7. When his surprise became a huge fail

6. When the Betty the Fly saga continued

And we are back, live with Betty the fly! That was her 4th attempt! #waitforit #wifezillaseries #ripbetty

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5. When he tried to salvage his manhood

4. When he questioned if he married the right person

3. When he dug his own grave

2. When he took his prank too far…

1. …and he decided to run with it.

Do I need to caption this? Since I am already dead I decided to go all out! #wifezillaisgoingtokillme

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We love a guy who’s not afraid to show his wacky, sensitive, and sometimes feminine side…especially when they’re paired with funny captions that are gold!

Now the question is….where do we find our own Nico Bolzico?

What is your favorite Nico Bolzico funny post? Tell us in the comments!

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