18 Super Cool and Creative Face Masks and Face Shields That Filipinos Have Been Wearing

Who says face masks and face shields have to be boring? Whether to showcase their personalities during the pandemic, support local, or just add some spice into their new normal lives; these 18 Filipinos have been rocking some super cool and creative face masks and shields. Check them out.

18 Super Cool and Creative Face Masks and Face Shields That Filipinos Have Been Wearing

Rod Manuel D Castillo Face Mask

Photo from Rod Manuel D. Castillo

Rod Manuel D. Castillo sometimes wears this airsoft mask in his neighborhood and when driving. However, he doesn’t use it at supermarkets or malls because he’s scared he might be mistaken for a crook. :p

Anthony Zamora Face Mask

Photo from Anthony Zamora

Anthony Zamora says there are many reasons why he prefers this face mask compared to the usual ones. For starters, he says he feels more protected since there isn’t any gap between his forehead and the face mask thanks to its padding. Secondly, he gets to stay stylish while staying safe by adding some streetwear or Call of Duty 3 vibes. Lastly, he can also pair it with a bike helmet. He shares that he has been using this face mask regularly and hasn’t encountered any problems in establishments or on public transportation with it.

Paolo Villamor Face Mask

Photo from Paolo Villamor

Paolo Villamor shares that he was looking for a face shield online that was different from the norm. Since he bikes to work, he felt that this particular face shield was perfect not just as protection against COVID, but as protection while biking, in general. He shares that he uses this when doing his groceries and gets compliments for it, as well.

Fitz Cortes Barkada Face Shields

Photo from Fitz Cortes

Fitz Cortes shares that he was talking to his friends about funny face shields that they had seen on Facebook when they decided to scour the Internet and found funny and cool acrylic face shields with minions, Star Wars, and Marvel characters on them. Although they now own these face shields, though, he admits that they haven’t really found the courage to use them in public yet. :p

MyMy Morrison Mask

Photo from MyMy Morrison

MyMy Morrison once wore their daughter’s cosplay mask as Huntress from Dead by Daylight as a challenge since they had been seeing different masks on Facebook, as well.

Yanks Mendez Face Mask

Photo from Yanks Mendez

Yanks Mendez uses this woven face mask. When the pandemic hit, she shares that she started hoarding face masks and looked for local sellers because she wanted to support local. She eventually found a girl from Cordillera who posted on Facebook and ordered this mask through her. “I waited for it for weeks, but it was well worth it,” Yanks beams. “It is perfectly woven and even comes with a headband. It’s simply supporting local in this time of pandemic because #PinasMuna.”

Nabe Jerlan Roma Abulais Face Mask

Photo from Nabe Jerlan Roma Abulais

Nabe Jerlan Roma Abulais bought a bunch of face masks last April in four designs, including one of Mr. Bean and one of Keanu Reeves! Nabe shares that he uses these masks when he goes out for groceries and going to the department store.

Alvin Koryou Face Mask

Photo from Alvin Koryou

Alvin Koryou uses this particular face mask because he is a huge Star Wars fan. Since he doesn’t like wearing face masks, he had his friend Vlad Sanchez make this to make wearing face masks more tolerable. Vlad creates customized masks and Nintendo Wii stands.

Rechelle Delos Reyes Star Wars face mask

Photo from Rechelle Delos Reyes

More Star Wars masks! Rechelle Delos Reyes, whose family consists of huge Star Wars fans, chose these face masks and face shields because her 4-year old son already knows all of the Star Wars characters and she figured they could also use these as part of their playtime as Jedi and Sith Lord. “It also helps him understand that this is the new normal,” she adds.

Greg Colmenares Tokyo Ghoul face mask

Photo from Greg Colmenares

Greg Colmenares is wearing a synthetic leather face mask based on Ken Kaneki of Tokyo Ghoul that he bought from an anime-themed store. “The main thing that drew me to it is the design,” he shares. “There is a very dark and sinister vibe to it, but it still looks cool. It also reminded me of Hannibal Lecter’s asylum mask.” So far, Greg has only used the mask outside twice for supply runs during the pandemic, and ended up freaking out and intimidating the kids of other customers. For now, he plans on using regular face masks for areas with kids and this one for places with just a few of them.

Yhan yhan Ricafort Pacho Face Mask

Photo from Yhan-yhan Ricafort Pacho

Yhan-yhan Ricafort Pacho handmade this rubber latex mask himself. “Since the start of quarantine, I just started thinking about making a personalized mask,” he shares. He has already used it outside when buying important goods in the supermarket or convenience store, as well.

Humadapnon Aluzan crocheted face mask

Photo from Humadapnon Aluzan

Humadapnon Aluzan wears a handmade crocheted face mask from his friend Jade Arianna Villaluz Miranda who sells a bunch of cute crocheted face masks at Wear Your Mask by Jadefire, including character masks like Pikachu, Stitch, and Baymax.

Roy Algene Mendoza Erin Attack on Titan face mask

Photo from Roy Algene Mendoza

Roy Algene Mendoza wears a prosthetic papier-mache mask modeled after Eren from Attack on Titan, which was made in San Pedro, Laguna. It can be worn by inserting the straps of your regular face mask through the pre-made holes on the sides. He shares that he saw this featured on the news. According to Roy, the people behind this mask, Rene and Marianne Abelardo, are the ones who make prosthetic sfx for local television and have been making these since the pandemic. “It’s head-turning, well-crafted, and not your regular face mask,” says Roy. He also shares that he hasn’t used it outside yet, but that he might once he’s ready to really stand out in a crowd.

Al de Perio Gundam Face Mask

Photo from Al de Perio

Even during the pandemic, geeks and Gundam fans like Al de Perio will not give up on expressing their passion while staying safe from the pandemic. This is why Al decided to make the RX-78-2 Fighter face mask, which is based on the design of the well-known RX-78-2 Gundam. Aside from the cool net design, this mask also has materials that will keep you safe from dust, smoke, and the threat of microorganisms that you could inhale and can cause diseases. It has a removable washable pouch for convenient washing, and there are two free sets of non-woven filters. It also comes with a strap extender to adjust the tightness of wearing it. It’s cool, not awkward, and convenient to wear everywhere. Pre-orders are currently ongoing on Facebook at AL+ Machines.

Denson Malaran Face Mask

Photo from Denson Malaran

Denson Malaran is a proud Pilipino who travels to the Northern part of Luzon a lot because his parents are from there. “The more I go there, the more I appreciate the art of weaving or inabel in Benguet, Kalinga and lately in Itneg from Abra,” he shares. This is why he immediately bought this mask made in Inabel when the lockdown started. Aside from his fascination with Inabel art, Denson also finds it amazing that it is possible to showcase Filipino culture through face masks. “In a way, you are wearing Filipino pride even during the pandemic,” he says.

Je Poy Gundam Face Mask

Photo from Je Poy

Je Poy is a gundam lover who wants to be unique at the same time, so he asked his local cosplay costume maker to make him this mask, which he sometimes uses when he’s biking.

Mary Charm Buaya Mask

Photo from Mary Charm Buaya

Mary Charm Buaya shares that she ordered this as a gift for her partner. Apparently, he got so excited that he put it on right away. :p Although they did a little photo op, they took it off right away because it was too hard to breathe with it on… which is too bad because we would love to wear this ourselves!

Jacer Fernandez Spider Man

Photo from Jacer Fernandez

Jacer Fernandez goes the extra mile and suits up in a complete Spider-Man – primarily to provide good vibes to frontliners. We love it!

Got any cool and creative face masks and face shields of your own? Share them with us! 🙂

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