18 Celebrities in Classic TV Commercials

18 Celebrities in Classic TV Commercials



Throwback TV commercials.

Oftentimes, we are not big fans of TV commercials that we switch to a different channel when they are on. However, there are a few awesome ones that make us stay and watch. Some of these commercials, we memorize by heart that we even remember lines from them even decades after.

Let me bring you back to your childhood days with these classic TV commercials.

Can you spot the celebrities in there somewhere?


18. Eskinol

This isn’t so long ago yet, about 5++ years I suppose. Still, it’s something worth mentioning because from her teenybopper years in this TV commercial, she has experienced a lot to be who she is today. She has blossomed to be the lady she is today, overcoming issues with a certain DJ a few years back.


17. Skyflakes

Before she became Dingdong Dantes’ fiance, this is where her path to stardom started.


16.  Wendy’s

Some 20 years ago, commercials were like a well-orchestrated song and dance mini-concert. Eating a cheeseburger involved singing and dancing in synchronicity.

Way before Sarah G., Angeline Q., and Julie Anne S.J., there was her.


15. Closeup

I remember him doing capoeira in that clothing brand commercial, but before he captured all of the ladies’ hearts with his chiseled body, he caught their attention by flashing his pearly whites.


14. Johnson’s Baby Bath 

Probably during Gimik days.


13. Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog

So, this is the commercial spoofed on Ang Tanging Ina movie where Pip was staring at his crush who was running towards him. The pompoms stirred confusion to the audience.

Anyway, her tender years definitely gave meaning to this Tender Years TVC.


12. Pepsi

A local reboot of Michael J. Fox’s Pepsi commercial in the 80s, the alleged fourth member of the Gwapings was the lead in this TV commercial.

If you’re familiar with the Indian coming-of-age film, 3 Idiots, Aamir Khan also has his own version.


11. Newtex 

Back in the day when loose clothes were the “in” thing.


10. Coke

How big is her bag because that’s a lot of Coke to give away?

Kidding aside, I bet you sang along to this.