16 Pinoys Share The Exact Moment They Realized They Were Adults

All adults were children once. Wasn’t it just yesterday, after all, when we were young?

As we were growing up, we must have had that moment where we just went, “Oh, shoot, this is serious… I’m an adult now”, whether it was our first awkward #adulting experiences like paying bills for the first time, or more serious life experiences that made us grow up.

When In Manila readers weighed in on the exact moment in their lives when they realized that they were already grown up… well, sort of, anyway. A lot of us, whether we’re “older” millennials navigating through our twenties, or middle-aged folk stuck in a rut, are still learning a lot about adulthood. What’s your #adulting story?

Domesticated na, po

Nung natutuwa na ako kapag bago yung sponge pang hugas ng plates. – Cheska

Taking advantage

In-offeran ako ng Advantage Card sa mall…and actually got one. – Jacob

Oh, Disney

When I’d watch Disney movies with my younger cousins and relate more with the parental characters. “But Daddy, I love him”?? Ariel, you don’t even KNOW him. – Emerald

You interrupted my game!

When I was playing a Final Fantasy game on my PlayStation 3 and it was getting really intense, but I actually had to stop playing (the horror!!!) coz my newborn baby woke up and started crying coz she needed to feed. – Anj

Now, it’s your turn to pay

When my mom stopped taking out her wallet whenever we’d have a “bonding session”, and instead just looked at me when it was time to pay. – Eillen

The toy collector

When people start to judge you for buying toys… especially the ones with capes. – Julian

No longer puppy love

When I first had my heart badly broken. – Jhay-Ann


Nung unang beses kong makabangga ng sasakyan, isang brand new Strada. – Wowie

Bills, bills, bills

When I started paying bills. – Yllaine

The proud alumnus

When I can no longer use my student ID for discounts because my student number was from a few years back. – Dale

For the long haul

Getting a life insurance and having the option to pay for something “quarterly”. – Keisha

Miss Independent

When I landed my first job then my parents decided to stop supporting me financially. – Janelle

The Planner

Biglaang lakad or basic hangouts like just going to a mall rarely happens anymore. I need to have at least two days in advance to invite people and wait for responses. – Art

Learning to be strong

The day my dad died. Since then it feels like the weight of the world is just… there. Not always, but I definitely have no right to be immature anymore. – Jasmine

The father figure

That moment in 2014 when reality told me that I was going to be a dad. It’s not that I realized that I wasn’t a kid anymore, it’s more of knowing that I can’t stay as one. – Eron

Life’s milestones

Dati debut lang ang inaatendan ko. Ngayon kung hindi kasal, binyag na. ‘wag muna tayo umabot sa burol, please? – Choy

What about you — when did you realize that you were no longer a child? Let us know your thoughts!

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