15 Filipina Content Creators Who Live Around the World

We are now living in a digital world where anyone can be an online celebrity, create content, and work with brands that we love. Exciting, isn’t it? Believe me, though: it’s easier said than done! It takes a lot of time and effort to become a content creator. So much is involved in it: planning, scheduling, traveling, shooting, post-editing, copywriting and most importantly, creative thinking.

Whether they have shifted their careers to commit to full time-blogging or dedicate just a day or two to achieve a side hustle, one thing is for sure: content creators or as social media influencers can now monetize their platforms by constantly creating compelling content.

Let’s take a look at and get to know some of the Filipino women who spread beautiful things around the world:

15 Filipina Content Creators Who Live Around the World

15. Nova-Joy Johnston, 25, @novajoyjohnston

(Brisbane, Australia)


Nova-Joy is a half-Filipina half-Australian first and business class flight attendant. From a young age, she always knew she wanted to venture out and explore the world. On every family trip, she would feel intrigued watching the beautiful cabin crew members walk at the airports; so when a friend suggested that she apply, she thought she had nothing to lose and she would give it a shot. Not having any expectations, she landed the job, moved to the Middle East, and has been flying happily for three years now! She really loves her job. She has been to so many breathtaking places, experienced different cultures and beliefs, and met people from all different walks of life. She also loves food! In fact, it’s what she looks forward to the most when she reaches a destination. She also models in her spare time. She was actually also a Mutya Ng Pilipinas candidate before.

Nova-Joy admits that she hasn’t focused on growing her social media accounts because she is so preoccupied with her job. She mostly uses her social media accounts to document her pursuits around the world or as an outlet to express herself, like a digital journal. She has also recently started to vlog – posting funny videos or travel vlogs – with her friends on her YouTube channel. Her favorite places to be are anywhere by the beach and under the sun!

14. Dawn Tan, 27, @dawn.tan

(Chicago, Illinois)


Dawn is a style blogger and content creator based in Chicago. Born and partly raised in Davao City, she is a proud Davaoeno and Filipina. Dawn and her family moved to Chicago when she was 12. She is currently working in a therapy staffing company and pursuing her dreams as a creative entrepreneur in the fashion space. Back in May 2018, she started using Instagram as a platform to share her creative eye and voice on fashion and style due to the lack of creativity at her job.

Although she’s just getting started, she has already been able to grow a small community of people who love the same things she does. With that said, she is forever grateful to her past self for pushing forward and allowing herself to be vulnerable, and not let any fear stop her from sharing her voice online. Her social media platform is an outlet for her to share her love for fashion, wardrobe styling, and living life affordably luxe by shopping and dressing consciously, thrifting, and styling pieces in multiple ways.

13. Dixie Dator, 31, @Deets.On.Eats

(Sacramento, California)


Dixie is a foodoirist and a content creator sharing stories on her Sacramento food blog. Her food blog is about food as an experience. She writes about food not as a photo or a menu item; but as a bond, relic, experience, and love language. It’s a necessity and yet a uniquely human art form as it unites people across all lifestyles at one table as hungry humans!

Dixie uses her blog as a diving board into questions she has always had about food, culture, and history. Additionally, as a first-generation Filipina-American, one of her greatest goals is to engage her community in her search to reconcile her roots in the Philippines to her life as an American. She loves to see these cultures on their own and interacting through the medium of food. Her main audience seems to be on Instagram at the moment, but she would like to grow her brand on her website Deetsoneats.com, as well.

12. Melanie Mondigo, 30, @melmondigo

(Houston, Texas)


A true-blue Filipina born and raised in Cebu, Mel now lives in Houston. She moved to the States from the Philippines in May 2018, and started blogging in August 2018. She now blogs full-time. She has also started getting into photography, which is currently what takes up most of her time.

Mel is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Dressing up has always been her thing growing up, and she’s happy to be making a career out of it now. Her blog is mostly concentrated on fashion, though she also posts about other products and activities that she feels would benefit her followers, as well. Her blog is her personal journal; it’s a creative outlet for her to share the things that she’s passionate about while pursuing her passion at the same time.

11. Mary Dezleigh Teodosio, 24, @dezleighh

(Calgary, Canada)


Dezleigh left the Philippines when she was 11 years old to move to Calgary with her mom. She was born in Bacolod City and studied at the University of Negros Occidental Recoletos. Last year, she graduated from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Business, Major in Accounting. She currently works full-time as a Pricing Coordinator for GFS Canada; she uses her blog and Instagram account to generate some money on the side. Her blog dezleighh.com started way back while she was still in university – it was a passion turned hobby turned side income! Today, her Instagram generates enough money to help her pay her “adult bills”, such as student loans, car insurance, and food expenses. In this digital world, Dezleigh finds success in being able to inspire others with how she lives her life. She loves being able to connect with other social media users and showcases her life in an uplifting and inspiring way.

Her blog and Instagram account are very personal. There, you will find her relationship stories, heartbreaks, life advice, interests, beauty tips, and more. On her Instagram account, you’ll see lots of stories and posts featuring food, her family, her cute cousin Aurora, her boyfriend Jason, and her current makeup glams. If you ever need some style inspiration, her Instagram account might just help, too!

10. Kimberly Dela Cruz, 27, @dandy.eats

(San Francisco Bay Area, California)


Kimberly was born in San Diego and went to college in San Francisco majoring in Merchandise Product development at FIDM. She worked for in the fashion industry in LA for a few years with her food Instagram account as a hobby. As her Instagram following started to grow, she realized how much she really loves food and decided to move back to the Bay Area to pursue a career in the food industry. She then became the PR manager for a Filipino fusion restaurant before becoming the general manager for an ice cream shop. Although her Instagram account is still just a side hustle, Kimberly would love to become a full-time blogger one ay.

Kimberly actually just started her Instagram account as a hobby to document everything that she eats. In 2016, she started getting invited to restaurant tastings. From there, she decided to take it more seriously and put more thought into the photos she takes and did more research on how to increase engagement on Instagram. She likes going to new places, eating new kinds of food, dining at fancy restaurants, finding hidden gems, and supporting small businesses.

9. Lindsay Iraola, 31, @hernameislindz

(Paris, France)


Lindsay is French/Filipina born, and was raised in Paris. She’s a fashion enthusiast; she knew that she wanted to be in the fashion industry since she was a kid. Always on the go, Lindsay loves to travel and explore cities. This led her to create her blog hernameislindz.com. Blogging is not her main bread and butter, though. Lindsay works full-time for a big French fashion brand, where she handles international marketing and visual merchandising. In her free time, she creates content behind her computer and cellphone, sharing her passion for fashion online by taking photos of her style and OOTDs.

Lindsay’s created her blog in 2016 to share her fashion style and her experiences abroad. There, she shares her discoveries of new emerging brands and designers, as well as small boutiques she finds unique pieces in. She also tells stories about her travels by showing beautiful landscapes and giving a few tips. She likes moving beyond her Parisian comfort zone to explore different cultures and to meet new people from different backgrounds.

8. Jeriza Torres, 26, @jerizama

(Guam, soon to be Chicago, Illinois)


Jeriza grew up on an island called Saipan and continued life in Guam. She is currently the assistant marketing manager of a major resort in Guam. She started blogging about her travels after she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. She has represented herself and shared her passion for her journeys on several travel and social media summits.

Jeriza’s blog jerizamarie.com is about traveling to cute places around Asia  and giving the most detailed guides as possible. She uses Instagram to stay connected with other solo female travelers and fashionistas. When she’s not traveling, she occasionally shares her fashion posts on Instagram.

7. April Chandler, 26, @aprildilao

(New Orleans, Louisiana)


The woman behind fashion, lifestyle, and travel blog itsaprildilao.com was born and raised in the Philippines. She relocated to the States four years ago after meeting and marrying her husband. She has been blogging since she was in college, a casual pastime that turned into a full-time career two years ago. April’s love for fashion and the feeling she gets from assembling affordable but classy and chic pieces are what motivated her to take this leap of faith. Her blog is all about empowering women to embrace their beauty by dressing up without breaking their wallet. She has always been a firm believer that we should all find jobs that we love, so we never have to work for the rest of our lives; and here she is living that dream!

6. Emmalyn Cortes, 27, @emmasedition

(Seattle, Washington)


Emma only lived in the Philippines for a few short years. She was born in California and moved to the Philippines for a few years as a child before relocating to Washington. She currently works as a Business Operations Communications focal at the Boeing Company. Outside of her career in aerospace, Emma has a fashion/lifestyle blog called emmasedition.com. She originally started her blog during her senior year of college and posting OOTDs on Instagram before realizing she wanted more. Since she knew she was going to work in the corporate world after graduation, she wanted to make sure she had a creative outlet alongside her career and decided to start a blog to share her style perspective.

Emma has always balanced her blog with school and her career. After graduation, she worked for PepsiCo for a year, interned at the Boeing Company, and earned her Masters of Communication in Digital Media while balancing her blog. She truly believes that her business background with a passion for digital media has helped her find success in blogging. Emma’s Edition aims to inspire the modern woman to explore, create, and travel in style. It has also evolved from a style blog to her other passions in life, such as sharing the most Instagrammable places in each city that she visits, posing tips, trends for each season, and connecting with other creators.

5. Johanna Galang-Vizmanos, 27, @johannavizmanos

(San Francisco Bay Area, California)


Born and raised in the Philippines, Johanna is now a marketing professional and social media influencer based in San Francisco. A dreamer, a jack of all trades and an aspiring entrepreneur, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts from the University of Santo Tomas, the oldest university in Asia. After college, she acquired her certification in Fashion Styling at the School of Fashion and Arts (SoFA). When she was still a kid, Johanna always dreamed of becoming a model/celebrity. A move to the United States two years ago led her to what she is now: a life & style content creator. For her, it is absolutely one step closer to her dream. Johanna is passionate about content creation, collaborations, and events. She has always been honored to work with local and international brands. She always gets excited when campaigns allow her to meet new people, connect with other creators and personalities, and travel to new places. She can market not just herself, but different brands and businesses, as well.

Johanna’s Instagram account is all about fashion and lifestyle-curated content – plus a sprinkle of sunshine. Her positive vibes and free spirit will make you love her. She just started her YouTube channel and is planning to continue creating fun and interesting content showing her life in the States and how she can inspire people to reach for their dreams. She is truly grateful for the power of digital media because now, she can be a celebrity of her own. By the way, she is also the co-founder of the first-ever Filipino-American blogging community in the United States, @halohalocollective!

4. Alyssa Lauren, 20, @_AlyssaLauren

(Orange County, California)


Alyssa currently splits her time between being a direct support professional for developmentally challenged patients and having a life online as a content creator. Her love for content creation began when she was given her first camera at eight years old. Through curiosity, she was able to teach herself how to edit videos at a young age. As she gained more knowledge through the years, she became interested in creating a YouTube channel. Little did she know that beginning a relationship with her partner Trey would kickstart her YouTube journey! Trey and Alyssa met in the 4th grade; and after posting relationship content online on ‘Alyssa and Trey’ on YouTube, they began to go viral. This garnered a lot of attention from all around the world. After receiving messages from many fellow Filipinos, Alyssa got inspired to push forward and create more content on her social media platforms to represent her community. Fast forward to a year later and she currently has 90,000 Instagram followers and over 180,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Alyssa’s social media platforms focus on authentic lifestyle content, and the ins and outs of being in a relationship at a young age while navigating her way through adulthood. She produces content on everything from beauty to fashion to food! During her time on YouTube, she has developed a strong connection with her viewers and now tries to communicate with them daily. She honestly considers them as her best friends! In a world that easily falls into negativity, Alyssa aims to use her platform to send a positive message to anyone who stumbles across her page!

3. Krissy Villongco, 25, @Krissyonfire

(Orange County, California)


Krissy is a singer, songwriter, and artist currently residing in Southern California. Although she didn’t really want to at first, she moved to the States about three years ago because of her mom’s job. Looking back now, she thinks the move really helped her grow as she had to take herself out of her comfort zone. Fast forward to today: Krissy is still singing, writing, and making music; she is immersed in music more than ever. She also plays gigs as a side job, while doing marketing for a music school during the day.

Krissy started out singing on her YouTube channel Krissysings for fun about 10 years ago. Her sister Ericka joined after a while and they became a duo after that. Their channel really blew up when they released a song that Krissy wrote called 12:51. While she still does a lot of covers on YouTube today, her Instagram account is where she really gets to express her personality. Krissy loves traveling, fitness, fashion, and (of course) music. Right now, her life is all about settling in to the new city she just moved to. It’s a lot like back home where she gets to go to the beach a lot and spend days out under the sun. Ultimately, being successful in music is her utmost priority, so she’s working on writing, auditioning, and getting more gigs in hopes of being able to do music full-time someday.

2. Alyssa Lenore, 28, @alyssa.lenore

(New York City, New York)


Alyssa moved to the States when she was eight years old. She’s now a full-time digital content creator after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. Blogging and photography were her hobbies during school and after graduation, the social media industry really started to take off. Alyssa ended up pursuing blogging full-time and has been at it for more than three years now.

Over the years, Alyssa has definitely figured out her style and has grown more confident. She has loved being able to share so many parts of her life, including her relationship, family, travels, school, and fashion. On Instagram, it’s a mixture of everything. On her blog alyssa-lenore.com, she shares more in-depth travel entries and shopping guides. YouTube is still new territory for her, but you can get to know her better through vlogs and other videos. She often talks about bags and tries to be as informative and as helpful as possible.

1. Haley Dasovich, 29, @haleydasovich

(San Francisco, California)


A dual citizen of the US and the Philippines, Haley has been traveling back and forth between Asia and America since she was born. She is a content creator, primarily sharing videos and photos of unique less-traveled destinations all over the world. This side hustle eventually turned into a full-time job. Haley used to work in tech in San Francisco. She started on YouTube by making iPhone videos of her travels with a lot of encouragement from her brother Wil. Haley ended up quitting her job and pursued making travel videos and photography full-time.

Haley’s YouTube channel, Haley Dasovich, and Instagram account are visual expressions of her outdoor adventures around the world, personal voice, and love for culture and well-being. She is a solo female traveler who seeks to find adventure anywhere, whether it’s in her backyard or across the world. She is obsessed with cultural immersion; she loves placing herself in other people’s shoes and hearing stories of where they came from. She is on a world pursuit to connect with her audience – some whom she may never meet – to hopefully enrich their lives through her experiences and share what she has seen and learned with them.

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