12th National Traditional and Alternative Health Care Month 2020

The present corona virus disease-19 (COVID-19) pandemic has challenged medical research community worldwide, due to the absence of any vaccine or proven therapy. However, efforts of different countries are underway to find the right treatment for this dreaded disease, including modern medicine and traditional medicine–But, in spite of that efforts, Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) find little mention in mainstream discourse of COVID-19 pandemic.

With the increasing number of cases and deaths on COVID-19 worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) accepts innovations such as developing new treatment or therapies, traditional medicine, and repurposing drugs are being considered as a possible treatment for this disease. In addition, the World Health Organization recognizes the importance of T&CM in the prevention and cure of different diseases.

In response to this, the Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC), a government owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) attached to the Department of Health (DOH), under the Republic Act No. 8423, otherwise known as the Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act of 1997, will hold the “12th Traditional and Alternative Health Care (TAHC) Congress on November 26-27, 2020, a scientific webinar conference focusing on the theme “The relevance of Traditional and Complementary Medicine on the COVID-19 Pandemic”. The webinar intent to share conversation on key cases, treatment/supportive care, and outcome variables related to the use of traditional and complementary medicine in response to issues related to COVID-19.

The “12th TAHC Congress” aims to bring together practitioners, researchers and the general public to pass on key cases, treatment/supportive care, and outcome variables related to the use of traditional and complimentary medicine. Furthermore, this shall also set as a venue to engage participants in discussion, and facilitate mutual understanding the significance of Traditional and Complimentary Medicine in relation to Covid 19. The Webinar Congress will be held on November 26 and 27, 2020. The registration link will be posted at the PITAHC website www.pitahc.gov.ph and the PITAHC Facebook page www.facebook.com/pitahcofficial or call their webinar coordinator PMCM Events Management at 0917 8344978 for more information. Thank you to our exhibitor Acuquest Trading for supporting this webinar.

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