12 Useful Products That Will Help You Boost Your Productivity

2020 and 2021 was hard on all of us, especially when many of us suddenly transitioned into working from home. It was difficult to keep productivity up for the whole year!

With the new year, most of us probably want to level up from the past year and be more productive. Since we’re still working from home, it’s good to have a little help from useful gadgets that will keep us focused. Here are 12 useful products from Shopee that will help boost your productivity this year:

12. Charging Station

charging station

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This charging station has docks for up to five devices. It also allows wireless charging. This charging station has customizable device holders to make your desk clean and neat even if you’ve got 5 devices charging at the same time. Of course, with all of your devices fully charged, it’s easy to keep the work going for the rest of the day. Buy this charging station here!

11. “Do Not Disturb” Sign

donot disturb

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Sometimes, the biggest distractions are the other people under our roof. Make sure that no one takes away your focus with this “Do Not Disturb” sign! It’s also perfect for keeping your family out of your workspace during important meetings. Buy this “Do Not Disturb” sign here!

10. Acrylic Weekly Planner

acrylic planner

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Plan out your week in the most efficient way possible with this stylish acrylic weekly planner. It can be attached to the wall so that it’s a lot easier to see. The transparent board also offers a neater and cleaner way to plan the week. Buy this acrylic weekly planner here!

9. Standing Desk Converter

standing desk

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It’s always recommended that you stand and walk around for a moment in the middle of your work streak. This standing desk converter lets you stretch your legs while you’re finishing up some tasks. No need to buy those extra expensive standing desks. Just get this standing desk converter and put it on top of your normal work table. Buy this standing desk converter here!

8. Noise-Canceling Headphones


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Never get distracted by passing cars or neighborhood chismis again with these noise-canceling headphones. It’s also perfect for your online meetings where you need to hear every discussion loud and clear. Buy these noise-canceling headphones here!

7. Snack Chopsticks

snack chopsticks

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One thing that takes a huge chunk of my time is snack time. It’s difficult to continue working when your hands are greasy and covered with cheese powder. These snack chopsticks are the solution. You can easily eat your favorite snacks, keep your fingertips clean, and continue working while eating. Buy these snack chopsticks here!

6. Clip-On Light

clip light

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This clip-on light makes it easier to handle late-night tasks and deadlines if you’re a night owl. This night light can easily be attached to your table, your laptop, and even books. It also offers a soft light to prevent straining your eyes during prolonged use. Buy this clip-on light here!

5. Phone and Tablet Holder

phone holder

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You won’t get distracted by your mobile games and time-consuming apps when you’ve got a designated place for your phone. This phone holder will also allow you to check your notifications without touching your phone, preventing longer distractions. Buy this phone and tablet holder here!

4. Desk Organizer


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An organized workspace means less time looking for your work stuff and more time actually working. This organizer has a variety of compartments that will store your office supplies and keep them within your reach. Buy this desk organizer here!

3. Sticky Notes

sticky notes

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Never be distracted by fleeting thoughts or sudden ideas again with these sticky note pads. These sticky notes feature a neat marble-inspired design, making your notes look cool yet clean. Just grab one of these when you think of a cool new idea and stick it to your table to return to later. Buy these marble-inspired sticky note pads here!

2. Pomodoro Timer


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Give yourself a bit of help when it comes to managing your time with this Pomodoro timer. You can easily set it to 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest for peak productivity. With a tangible timer (one that’s not on the computer), you won’t be distracted by other things you can do on your computer or phone. Buy this Pomodoro timer here!

1. Seat Cushion

seat cushion

Photo from Shopee

One sure-fire way to make sure that you’re extra productive when working from home is to make sure that you’re actually comfortable. If getting a new ergonomic chair is not yet in the budget, you can get this seat cushion. It requires no installation and can easily be used with essentially any chair you have at home. Your back will thank you for this cushion. Buy this seat cushion here!

What helps you boost your productivity? Share it with us!

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