12 Minimalist Mugs and Cups For Your Morning Coffee

Now that rainy mornings are soon to be the norm, it makes your morning coffee (or hot chocolate) a more pleasurable experience—especially since most of us already have coffee nooks and home cafes.

If you’re looking for more mugs and cups to stock up on, here are a few from Shopee that can definitely make every cup of coffee IG-worthy.

stoneware mug

Photo from Shopee

12. This artisan stoneware mug features a beautiful ergonomic design that adds to its eccentric yet elegant look. If you’re into neutral yet stylish ceramic dinnerware, this is definitely a must-have.

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rectangle mug

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11. This rectangular glass mug has bright colored glass for its handle. The burst of color will surely pop in contrast with your neutral-colored drinks.

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bubble glass cup

Photo from Shopee

10. This cute bubble-inspired glass cup will make any drink look awesome. Even milk poured into this glass will look like clouds! This bubble-inspired glass is also great to use for desserts or homemade ice cream sundaes.

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pastel ceramic mug

Photo from Shopee

9. If you really want a pop of color with your daily morning coffee, these cute pastel ceramic mugs will do the trick. It comes with an unconventional minimalist handle that makes it extra unique. A matching ceramic coaster is also included!

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fuji glass

Photo from Shopee

8. This “Fuji” glass cup is pretty straightforward and designed simply. Because of the wide bottom, it keeps the glass from tipping over easily. Its simple yet elegant design is a huge plus.

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milk jug mug

Photo from Shopee

7. Looking for something timeless and elegant? These milk jug-inspired cups have such a luxurious design, and they can be dual-purpose. It ha!s a stout for easy pouring of hot drinks, but it can also be used as a mug as it is.

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grooved glass

Photo from Shopee

6. These grooved tall glasses look simple enough for your drinking water, but the ridged texture all around the glass makes them look like a million bucks. You’ll feel like such a queen when drinking your iced coffee in the morning.

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nordic mugs

Photo from Shopee

5. If you’ve got a Nordic aesthetic going on in your kitchen, then these neutral ceramic mugs should be a part of your mug collection. The designs all feature neutral colors with a huge circular handle that solidifies the Nordic look of these mugs.

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gold glass

Photo from Shopee

4. Want something simply luxurious? This glass mug features a simple gold lining on the rim. If you’re someone who also loves subtle elegant items, this glass mug is a great option.

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classic style mug

Photo from Shopee

3. These classic-style glass mugs are great for your home cafe if you love experimenting with your coffee drinks. You’ll definitely enjoy recreating your favorite coffee drink with these stylish tall glass mugs.

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inspiring mug

Photo from Shopee

2. You’ll get an extra boost of energy with these minimalist glass mugs thanks to the inspiring quotes displayed on the side. The quotes are written in golden letters, making the simple mugs look extra sophisticated.

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color doublewalled

Photo from Shopee

1. Double-walled glasses have been a huge trend since last year. While you already probably have double-walled glasses, you might want to get one of these colored double-walled glass cups. The colored glass inside the cup definitely adds a whole new dimension to these elegant drinking glasses.

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Let these rainy days get a whole lot better with these pretty mugs. I’m sure you’re also excited to take photos of your IG-worthy morning drinks thanks to new mugs and cups.

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