12 Bad Filipino Habits We All Should Get Rid Of

Filipinos are generally happy, friendly, and hospitable people, and we’re known around the world for all those good qualities. But, let’s face it, we’re not perfect, and there are still many aspects of our culture as Filipinos that need to be fixed.

What bad habits of Pinoys do you think we need to get rid of? We’ve listed a couple of them here:

12. Greeting people with “Tumaba ka!”

Guys. Let’s just all agree. No one likes to be greeted with this. People are generally conscious about their appearance (which is not a bad thing), but it’s also not the nicest thing to do when you greet someone with a comment on their weight. Some may even consider it rude. Besides, when you haven’t seen someone in a while, wouldn’t the best first thing to say to them be: “Uy, kumusta?”

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11. Using the word “bakla” as an insult

I’ve never really understood why some people use the word “bakla” (gay) as an insult. But it really happens. But why should the word “bakla” be an insult? It isn’t. So what if a boy or a man is a little soft, a little more gentle, a little more vulnerable? Being a bakla is being a person who embraces his/her identity, and isn’t that brave and beautiful?

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10. Filipino Time

“Paalis na!” Pero sa totoo, nakahiga pa. Are you guilty of this? Time to ditch that bad habit! And, while we’re on the topic, traffic can’t always be the excuse, guys. Fact: traffic is terrible around Metro Manila. We all know that by now. So why not adjust your travel time accordingly? Tbh, showing up late is quite disrespectful to the people who have to wait for you.

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9. No regard for rules

Why do most Pinoys have a general disregard for rules? It’s like we don’t care at all. Smoking at no smoking areas, crossing where you shouldn’t cross, parking your car where you can’t, and so many more. Some Filipinos can’t even obey pedestrian lights. You have to wait for the light to turn green before you can cross! If we can’t follow simple rules, do we even have a right to demand for big changes in the country when we can’t even correct ourselves?

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8. “Pagpaparining” on social media

Filipinos are the world’s top social media users, but there might be such a thing as overusing it. Pinoys love to share their lives online, which is exactly what social media is for, but should personal quarrels be shared online too? A place where even people uninvolved can suddenly chime in? It seems like such an open invitation for chismis, but maybe to some, that’s the point.

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7. Being too reactive, especially online

Speaking of social media, what’s up with Filipino keyboard warriors? It’s like Pinoys get so offended by so many things these days. And, wow, we really like to take things so seriously, even when it’s about a not-so-serious thing—an article, a meme, a simple comment someone posted online that we disagree with. It’s okay to voice out our opinions, even passionately, but guys, we don’t have to fight. Relax lang!

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6. “Bahala na” mentality

Filipinos are generally happy, resilient people. Those are some of our best traits. But sometimes, also to a fault. We can be a bit nonchalant and even unbothered by things that we should be preparing for. Maybe it’s our jolly nature, but instead of just going “bahala na” in the face of challenge or a decision, wouldn’t it be more awesome if we could face it and say to ourselves instead: “I got this!”

5. Imposing your own traditions/beliefs on other people

And we’re not just talking about someone’s religion here (or lack thereof). It’s the general “pangingialam” that we all probably have either done, or have fallen victim to. Isn’t this the root of all family reunion jokes? Because we all dread having to see our relatives and facing not only their intrusive questions, but also their unsolicited advice? “Bakit di pa kayo magpakasal? Ang tagal nyo na!” or “Dapat mag-anak ka na!” or “Bakit arts? Dapat nursing kunin mo, para makapag-abroad ka!”

Everyone has the right to do what they feel is right for them, regardless of tradition or belief or culture, so why don’t we just let people live their lives?

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4. Using “negra/negro”, “neg-neg” or “maitim” as a tease

Are we really still teasing people because of their skin color? I hope not! In case some of you have been living under a rock, it’s now 2019 and morena/moreno Filipinos are proud and loving it.

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3. Making fun of other people’s broken English

Filipinos can be pretty harsh when they see someone with not-so-perfect English. And we’re even tougher to our fellow Pinoys! But remember, not everyone has had the same opportunities you’ve had, like in terms of education and exposure to the language. Plus, this quote puts everything into perspective: “Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language.”

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2. Littering and leaving trash behind

Have you ever seen a trash bin somewhere in public, yet the small radius around it is filled with litter that just didn’t quite make it to the mouth of the trash can? I mean…why? Generally, it seems like most Filipinos could care less about the cleanliness of public spaces—I mean, just look at the streets of Metro Manila. Yikes. Why can’t we ever learn to keep our trash just until we see a garbage can?

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1. Leaving one piece of food on the platter 

Hahahaha kidding! But seriously, bakit laging may isang pirasong pagkain na tira???

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What other Filipino habits do you think we should get rid of? Tell us in the comments!

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