11 Local Filipino YouTubers We Love

When it comes to watching YouTube, these are just some of the local vloggers we’ve come to know and love.

Mikey Bustos

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Mikey Bustos started his YouTube channel in 2007 initially to post song performances and covers. He started gaining popularity as a YouTuber when he posted comedy skits about Filipino culture. We loved him from his tutorials on how to do the Filipino accent, how to drink like a Filipino, how to social media like a Filipino, and other matters of “Filipinism”.

Mikey Bustos’ humorous take on Filipino culture was not only entertaining but educational as well. Not to mention, relate much? Today, he continues to posts on three channels: #antscanada (biology channel), #mikeybustosvideos (Filipino comedy), and #mikeybustosvlogs (lifestyle daily vlog). Different content for different audiences, all very entertaining.


Bogart The Explorer

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Bogart the Explorer, who is actually named Marco Antonio Ho, started his YouTube career by accident. He wanted to prank call the radio show he was working in by pretending to be an Aussie listening via the online stream. What started out as a prank turned out to be perfect for a concept his boss was long working on.

And that’s how our very own Steve Irwin, Bogart the Explorer, came to be.

We loved how he began exploring the different “creatures” found in the urban jungle called the Philippines. Both informative and funny, his “foreigner” awe of the Philippines left us both laughing and in love with our Filipino culture. Today, he continues to post informational videos about the Philippines (even posting about how he lost 100 pounds!). You can still find Bogart the Explorer in his home channel, PaperbugTV.


Carlo Ople


Carlo Ople started vlogging on YouTube two years ago when he “broke a beastly gorilla pod”. Carlo Ople is the guy you go to for all things tech and kicks. We love him for his videos that really seek to inform on the best choices for gear (super helpful for tech noobs like me).

We also love him for his drool-worthy sneaker collection. Sometimes, we just watch him to enjoy the shoes. Whether it’s to the choice of equipment or kicks, Carlo Ople’s reviews will definitely inform you of the better choice.


Wil Dasovich

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Wil Dasovich began his YouTube career in 2014. As a Fil-Am, he began vlogging his experiences in Manila. From learning the Art of Tagalog to talking about the Manila Night Life, Wil’s vlogs talked about he gets in touch with his Filipino roots.

We especially love Wil Dasovich for his inspirational vlogs. We loved him when he opened up about his fight with colon cancer and celebrated with him when he was finally cancer-free. Today, Wil continues to inspire people as he travels through the Philippines and the rest of the world.


Nate Punzalan

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Nate Punzalan is one of the underrated Filipino YouTubers who started two years ago when he vlogged with his sister, Janina Vela. Nate makes videos of his travels, the events he goes to, and thoughts on what’s real.

We love Nate not only for his cinematic shots and his creative takes on his vlog, but we also love him because he’s not afraid of real talk. He talks about personal issues like not being ready for marriage, his insecurities about being a YouTuber, or what’s it like being a pastor’s kid.

Nate’s vulnerability makes his YouTube channel not just relatable, but beautiful.


Jericho Arceo

jericho arceo youtubers we love

Jericho Archeo started his YouTube channel two years ago to post his travel vlogs. He gained popularity when he started making skits about the Filipino culture, particularly the Kapampangan culture. He’s also known for his crazily funny reaction videos.

What makes us love Jericho Arceo more than his comedic antics is the fact that all his topics are relevant and true. He has opinions that may be hard-to-swallow-pills for some, but are worth listening to. His videos are a fun, energetic shot of espresso perfect to brighten up your day.


Chinkee Tan

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Chinkee Tan started out as a motivational speaker and radio host of Radyo5 92.3 News FM’s special program, “Chink Positive”. Chink Positive talked about successful entrepreneurship and financial literacy. He then started posting financial tips on YouTube in 2009.

We love Chinkee because he talks about topics that may not necessarily trend online but are important to learn. Tips on business strategy, being a better steward of money, and how to save up are a must for people who spend as much as I do.

Today, Chinkee continues to post his nuggets of wisdom on YouTube for all the world to enjoy.


Lloyd Cafe Cadena

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Lloyd Cafe Cadena, lovingly called “LC” by his fans, began his YouTube career in 2010. Nursing his heart from a devastating heartbreak, he started venting on how to move on in YouTube. The comedy and relatability of his vlogs catapulted him to fame.

We love him because LC tells it like it is. From skits on how to pass an exam to shopping and food hauls, LC is the channel you go to if you want a good laugh after a long and tiring day. We love him because LC never fails to put a smile on your face no matter how sad you are.

Today, LC continues to make us laugh with his daily vlogs and relatable skits.

When in Manila city view

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And now here are the Top 3 local YouTubers We Love:

Dr. Glam

Dr Shideh 3

Dr. Glam, or Dr. Shideh Nikbin in real life, is a doctor of dental medicine both in the Philippines and Iran. Starting her channel in August 2018, Dr. Glam wants to use YouTube as a platform to show people that dentists aren’t scary at all.

We love Dr. Glam because she makes topics that are usually taken for granted — like oral health or hygiene — appealing and relatable. She makes you want to learn more. Not to mention, her bright personality is a delight to watch.

Whatever Shideh posts today, from laser teeth whitenings to K-pop glam style, is sure to put a smile on your face.


Ja Mill


Ja Mill is the channel of real-life couple, Jayzam Manabat and Camille Trinidad. They started vlogging on YouTube a year ago to post dares and challenge videos.

What catapulted them to fame are the prank videos that kept viewers hanging on the edge of their seats. We love Ja Mill because they’re the channel to go to for your daily dose of kilig and kulit.

Ranz Guerrero and Niana Guerrero

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Ranz and Niana Guerrero is a brother-sister duo who gained fame on YouTube because of their dance videos. Ranz has been the platform since 2011 and initially used it to post videos of him dancing with the boy group Chicser.

It was when Ranz started posting videos of him jamming with his sister that the sibling combo gained recognition. We love Ranz and Niana not just because of their cool dance moves but because their playful dynamic makes us appreciate our siblings even more (or makes you want a sibling if you’re an only child).

Today, Ranz and Niana continue to post videos of challenges, vlogs, and dance videos. You can be sure that whatever they post on YouTube is 100% fun.


Whatever the topic, you can trust that these YouTubers can deliver powerful content and quality entertainment.