10th TAGCOM Recap – One Geeked Out Weekend


tagcom-recap-kobe-display2-when-in-manilaThe Kobe Bryant Collection of Rowel Panizares

Toys, toys and more toys (and bargains)

There were toys, lots and lots of toys at the 10th TAGCOM. There were toys on display, on sale and even some on auction. The Kobe Bryant toy displays really caught my eye, and maybe it’s because I’m an NBA fan. TAGCOM also had impressive toy displays that featured funko pops, toy cars and the like.

tagcom-recap-toy-selling-1-when-in-manilaTAGCOM had some retro toys

tagcom-recap-loki-toys-when-in-manilaLoki and his friend were checking out the toy deals at TAGCOM

Toy collectors were checking out the stalls to see if one or two of the action figures that they were looking for were for sale. Some were lucky and got it for a bargain price. Congrats to you, dear sir/ma’am, if you did find the toys (and droids) that you were looking for. Others, such as myself, were overwhelmed by certain toys being on sale for near rock bottom prices.  Speaking of rock-bottom prices…the toy auctions at TAGCOM was also a bargain for those in attendance. Certain toys started with a bidding price for as LOW as one peso and the bids started to roll.


tagcom-recap-artist-corner-when-in-manilaThe Artists’ Corner @ TAGCOM

tagcom-recap-jeff-benitezJeff Benitez

Meet Our Talented Local Artists

We met a handful of local artists at TAGCOM who were giving out their impressive works of art. Artists such as Jeff Benitez, Lowe Beltran, Patty Arroyo, and many more were there to show and sell their amazing artwork. Some of the artists would even draw caricatures of interested TAGCOM attendees.

tagcom-recap-fightsaberph-when-in-manilaFightSaber Philippines on stage

tagcom-recap-ivy-musume-when-in-manilaIVY! Musume

Great Live Performances

TAGCOM featured impressive performances from K-POP Groups to Light saber exhibitions. Attendees got a treat from a handful of groups such as IVY! Musume, RAINDROP and BOREALIS. Star Wars fans in attendance were also amazed at the brief yet intense light saber exhibition by the group known as FightSaber Philippines.




Cosplayers Galore

The 10th TAGCOM featured people who cosplayed as their favorite anime, cartoon, comic book and video game characters. There were even cosplayers who dressed up as WWE’s Undertaker and Kane (the duo also entered the cosplay contest). We also spotted a handful of cosplayers we spotted in the Megamall grounds dressed up as characters from the popular video game series Mortal Kombat. Sadly our camera didn’t have sufficient battery to take snapshots so…here, have a couple of more cosplay pics below 😀

tagcom-recap-spiderman-when-in-manilaSpider-Man poses with a young fan

tagcom-recap-green-arrow-when-in-manilaGreen Arrow takes aim


Good? Ok. Now let’s move on to one of the main attractions of the event….


tagcom-recap-baozi-hana-when-in-manilaBaozi & Hana on stage

tagcom-recap-baozi-hana-sitting-when-in-manilaThe duo sit down before the Cosplay Contest

International Cosplay Guests

One of TAGCOM’s main attractions came in Day 2 when international cosplayers Baozi & Hana and Hiro. The three joined fellow cosplayer Aien in judging the Day 2 cosplay competition. The people in attendance went especially WILD when the cosplay duo of Baozi and Hana arrived at TAGCOM. Their fans were screaming and hollering after every sentence they uttered on stage. Dressed as Naruto and Sasuke respectively, Baozi and Hana said that their Filipino fans were very nice and that they love them all. When the fans were saying they want Baozi and Hana to come back, the duo just told their adoring audience a simple message: “See you soon”.


The 10th TAGCOM, in this writer’s view, was a success. It was a gathering of almost all the fandoms in one event be it K-Pop, J-Pop, Anime, Cartoons, Cosplay and even Pro Wrestling! Like it said earlier, it was a geekout weekend for me and for the rest of those who attended. We would like to thank the organizers of TAGCOM for having us drop by and cover their big event. Shout outs to the winners of the contest and the special guests. I’d like to give special thanks to Mazda, the co-presenter of 10th TAGCOM. We would also like to thank the following event sponsors: migme, Iamcardboard, Transfer it, Pocket Fulla Pillz, Granny Goose Pop ‘n Chips, Jack ‘n Jill Calbee, Nissin’s Yakisoba, Bandai, Tomica, Gundam Build Fighters Try, Greg Display, National Bookstore and Silverworks.

WIM Photos by: Jonathan Guillermo and Martin Vicencio