10 Unique Ice Molds You Should Have This Summer

Since summer is officially heating up our homes, ice-cold drinks are a must. Sure, you can enjoy your drinks with the usual ice cubes, but why stop there? Add personality to your cool drinks with these unique ice trays and molds you can get from Shopee!

10. Honeycomb-Shaped Ice Mold

honeycomb ice tray

Photo from Shopee

With these affordable hexagon icetrays, your drinks would look like they were done by professional bartenders!

Buy this honeycomb ice tray here!

9. Sphere Ice Maker Molds


sphere ice

Photo from Shopee

These easy-to-use silicone molds create perfectly shaped ice balls that would be perfect for your classic cocktails no matter the weather.

Buy these spherical molds here!

8. Grenade-Shaped Ice Mold

grenade ice

Photo from Shopee

Looking for something a bit more “dangerous”? These grenade-shaped silicone ice molds are a great option!

Buy this cool grenade ice mold here!

7. Strawberry-shaped Ice Mold

strawberry mold

Photo from Shopee

Got kids in the house? Children would love this strawberry-shaped silicone ice tray and popsicle maker in one!

Buy this cute strawberry ice tray here.

6. Easter-Inspired Ice Molds

easter mold

Photo from Shopee

Sure, Easter might be long done, but that doesn’t mean that this ice tray featuring bunnies and easter eggs isn’t worth having! Kids would love seeing cute ice in their drinks this summer.

Buy this adorable Easter-inspired ice mold here!

5. Magic Ice Maker and Bucket

ice bucket

Photo from Shopee

This multi-purpose silicone ice cube maker slash ice bucket in one is a great option for when you need a lot of ice at once.

Buy this easy-to-use ice maker and bucket here!

4. Pineapple Ice Mold

pineapple mold

Photo from Shopee

These pineapple ice tray mold would be perfect for any pineapple-based drinks you’ll be making this summer.

Buy this pineapple ice mold here!

3. Animal Ice Mold

animal mold

Photo from Shopee

Love cute animals? This ice mold featuring the cutest animals will make your drinks a lot more festive!

Buy this animal-inspired ice mold here!

2. Teddy Bear Ice Mold

bear mold

Photo from Shopee

If you’re on Tiktok, you might have already seen the end product of this adorable teddy bear ice mold. It definitely adds character to whatever drink you’re having!

Buy this teddy bear ice mold here!

1. Rose Ice Mold

rose mold

Photo from Shopee

Make your drinks more flowery and a lot more elegant with this chic rose ice mold! You can even get creative with the color of your ice rose.

Buy this rose ice mold here!

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