10 Things to Do in Manila on a Friday

10 Things to Do in Manila on a Friday




My favorite day of the week and my second favorite “F” word, a close second to “food”. Friday is all about having fun! Toast to the end of the workweek with beer-below-zero, box office flicks, karaoke sessions, midnight food trips, and more. Here are 10 things that you can do in Manila on a Friday to start the weekend with a bang!

10. Sweat it out.


There is nothing like letting all the stress of the work week out through sweating it out. Don’t just do your regular regimen at the gym. Hit the boxing gym instead and let the punching bag have it. If you’re not into giving the punching bag some pain, take a yoga class instead. It can relax your mind while it brings all the toxicity out of your system. It’s good in improving your body’s flexibility too.



9. Pig out.

Food markets all over Manila are open and booming with people (and all sorts of food) starting Friday night until the wee hours of Saturday morning. There are several food markets that you can find in the city such as those under the Mercato Centrale group.

Foodgasm Mercato when in manila Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan (29 of 40)

7th High and Mercato-8

Belly-Sima Food Festival Mercato

If you’re not into these crowded food markets, there are also a thriving food scenes in Maginhawa Street near UP Diliman, Kapitolyo in Pasig, and Lilac Street in Marikina. Go hop on those restaurants and reward yourself with all those gastronomic feasts!

You can also enjoy the buffet feast while getting amazed of the Manila sunset over at Sun Cruises Manila Bay Cruise. Dinner buffet on Fridays and over the weekend is PhP 650 per person and PhP 465 for senior citizen.

If you’re feeling posh, you can check out Buon Appetito Fridays at Fairmont Makati.


8. Get wasted.

6BEER FEST 2014  Sweet Ecstasy Burgers Milkshakes Beer Frost

Perfect Pint Beer Food

Oktoberfest Manila 2013 pouring of beer over tower of glass

What a waste of Friday if not to get wasted? We’re not saying that it should be a regular thing, but there should be at least one Friday where you can just chug all the booze that you want and can. There are many bars around Manila that have different stuff to offer. There are bars that offer cheap local beer, bars that have headbanging live music, and bars that give you an awesome view of the city while beer tasting.

To make this even more fun, go to a karaoke bar or enjoy the Open Mic night and sing your hearts out at The Tree Top Lounge at Acacia Hotel Manila.

Bottoms up!


7. Tour the city in the air.


Metro-Manila-Helicopter-Tour-PhilJets-Frank-Schuengel (7)

Forget walking tours or limo tours, take a tour of Manila in a helicopter. Just because it’s Friday and you’re feeling fancy.


6. Late night shopping.


Head out to a mall and splurge all you want on clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets, and gizmos.

It might be your lucky day if it’s “Payday Friday” because there will most likely be many stores that offer big discounts. Or better yet, the huge shopping malls go on sale.