10 text messages your mother has most likely sent you

It’s almost mother’s day! In celebration of the most iconic women in our lives, let’s recall the text messages she’s probably sent you at one point or another. Whether it’s concern, chismis, or just shows of love, texts from our moms are legendary in their own ways.

10. The “Where are you?”/”Saan ka na” text

Bonus if it’s paired with “gabi na” because, while technically right, it’s still considered “early.” But we all know it’s just a show of concern! She loves you!

9. The “emergency” text

If anyone messages us saying it’s an emergency, we panic. But something seems to double that with our mothers. But if it’s because she’s stuck at a level in a game or app and needs your help, it becomes kind of funny. To be fair, these apps are really challenging!

8. Sending photos of your pet/s

Your mom is your pet’s paparazzi. This is an accepted fact. While waiting for you to come home, she will gladly flood your messages and family Viber groups with photos of your pets doing the silliest of things or in the weirdest of sleeping positions. She’s proud of these photos and they make everyone very very happy.

7. The checklist

Moms are busy. They’re 24/7 superheroes so why wouldn’t they be? We’ve all gotten that text from mom that lists her day and what she’s still got to do. It’s hard to believe everything she gets done and she can still have the energy to text you in between it all!

6. The “come-here-I-need-to-change-the-channel” text

Mothers are crafty and intelligent and will do anything in their power to be efficient. Even if it means taking the time to message you to come up to her room and find the remote for her. Oh, mom! We sigh and make faces but we’ll always be happy to fetch it for you!

5. The technology text

We’re all in varying states of understanding the latest technology and so are our mothers! It seems that, since we usually have a better grasp on the newest happenings, they rely on us to help them out. And, of course, we are glad to. Whether it’s setting up Netflix or installing a new laptop, we’ve got you covered, mom!

4. The traffic text

When our mothers are stuck in traffic, they have to let it out. And sometimes they send it to us with multiple angry emojis and maybe some curse words that she wouldn’t have used around you in the past. Traffic makes everyone’s blood boil and our superhero moms are no exception. We just hope the chaos of traffic dies down for them!

3. The infamous “k”

After the longest explanation ever, your mother just responds with “k.” It’s definitive, final, and can mean almost anything. This is almost as scary to receive as 10 missed calls from her. We hope that, if you receive a “k” from your mom, you will be fine.

2. Chismis about extended family

Your mother knows everything about the family. In-laws, her own siblings, you name it. They seem to be the people all of these stories find homes in. Whether she just found out through scrolling on Facebook or a Mary Grace session, your mom is updated. And she’s not afraid to share that information.

1. Of course: “I love you”

Nothing like a mother’s love to remind you of how wonderful the world is. 🙂 Happy mother’s day to you and your mom! Please enjoy it and spread the joy and love!

How are you celebrating mother’s day? Let us know!

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