10 Smart Hacks That Can Make Travel Super Convenient

Traveling is fun but it can also be such a chore, especially if you are traveling overseas. The packing, the preparation, the lining up, and the actual journey can take up a lot of time (and energy). It’s like preparing for a big presentation and it can be very tiring at times.

It comes in handy to know a few travel tricks, which saves time, money, effort, or anything else that can be saved and spent later on. As someone who travels every now and then (and sometimes alone), here are a few hacks I follow. Some of these I have learned by reading through the Interwebs for tips, some were passed on by fellow travelers, and some I have come to apply after observing the first few flights (hassles) I had.

I hope this list can help a lot of fellow travelers. If you have other suggestions, feel free to share them.

10. Skip crowded bathrooms in the airport.

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When landing, the first bathroom is almost always packed. If you still can, go to the next bathroom as it’s almost always crowd-free.

9. Choose seats over the wing of the plane as they are believed to be the least to feel the effect of turbulence.

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They say it’s because it puts you to the plane’s center of mass and reduces the effects of turbulence.

8. Turn “Airplane or Flight Mode” on your smartphone to save more battery.

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7. Portable luggage scale comes handy to avoid incurring extra baggage charges.

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You can weigh your baggage before you go to the airport. No hassle in removing extra stuff.

6. Universal charger also comes handy especially when traveling abroad.

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Different countries may have different power outlets.

5. The case for glasses is perfect for keeping headsets, chargers, and other cables.

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4. Plan what you wear and what to put in your carry-on to speed up passing through airport security.

When going through airport security, put all metal, electronics, and small belongings in your bag. This eliminates the need for separate containers. In some countries, you will be required to bring out your notebook, so make sure you bring it out immediately when passing security. If you can, wear slip-on shoes or footwear that is easy to remove.

3. You can use Google Maps offline.

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While you have Internet, load and save the area you are about to explore on your phone. On the road, turn on your GPS. The help you get may be limited (especially if you’re used to turn by turn directions) but still it can get you here and there.

Worst case scenario, don’t be afraid to ask locals for directions.

2. Use “Incognito Mode” when booking anything online.

Travel Hacks (2)

Be it a flight or hotel accommodations, use an incognito window to book them. Oftentimes, these websites jack up the prices when they are able to track that you have visited them previously.

1. Scan and save important travel documents for your trip.

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It’s tough to lose important travel documents especially when you’re already in a foreign country. A back-up plan is to scan and save all important travel documents so in case the worst case scenario happens and you misplace your documents or someone steals them, you can still have proof saved on phone, tablet, or laptop.

These are just a few travel tips that can make every trip a little more convenient than before. There’s probably a lot more tips so share them with us.

You can also read our tips on how to stay safe when going abroad.

What smart hacks do you apply when you travel?

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