10 Situations Crammers and People Who are Always Late Can Relate to

Written by Jerika Danielle F. Clemente

7 am classes, homework that’s due in a week, going out with friends and family, or a project that was given at the start of classes but due at the end of the sem…admit it, you’ve been late to or have crammed at least one of these.

And if you’re guilty of being a student expert on being late or cramming, or know someone who is, don’t lose hope! There’s still an antidote for both. But hold on tight because first, were going on a guilt trip!

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10. You’ve been late so many times that you’ve started to accept the reason why you’re always late or cramming is because it’s you.

acceptSometimes, our greatest enemy is ourselves.

9. There have been so many times when you tried to be early or finish a requirement early…but still triumphantly failed to do so.

memeAnuna, @ self.

8. You either wake up on time or wake up latethere’s no in between. (And even if you wake up earlier than your alarm, you go back to bed…then wake up later than expected.)

snooze5 minutes pa more!!

7. Your friends set your meeting time 30 minutes earlier, because they know for sure you’ll be late.

lateBut since you know they set your meeting time earlier than the real meeting time, you still end up being late, anyway.

6. Your friends know that you cram so much that they either remind you the things you have to do and when they are dueor they cram with you.

cram2All for one, one for all.

5. You suddenly get annoyed or frustrated at yourself as you anxiously cram your work or run to your class. And boy, do you regret taking for granted all those free time you had before.  

cram Tapos traffic pa.


4. There’s been at least one time when you realized that no matter how much you rush, you’re already super late. So why not grab breakfast first?

late1Late and full > Late and hungry

3. You’ve felt shameful countless times towards those who waited for you, especially if you aren’t close with them.


2. When the teacher says, “bawal ma-late” and everyone, including the teacher, looks at you.


1. You’ve seriously, seriously decided to change your habit of cramming and tardiness at least once every school year.

promiseDi na ‘ko malalate, promise.

And now that another school year has begun, I’m pretty sure you’ve made that promise again. But the real question is, will you keep it?

Sorry to disappoint, but here’s the truth: There’s no single antidote to “cure” being late or cramming but it does start with one thing–it needs to start with your decision to change.

Here are some tips:

  • Set your watch 5- 10 minutes later – even if you’re aware that you set it later, seeing the time and thinking you’re almost late would set you panicking and would actually make you move faster!
  • Sleep early and wake up early > Sleep late and wake up late – yes, even if you have something to do and you aren’t finished with it yet, just go to sleep and finish it early the next morning.
  • Estimate your travel time and add some leeway time – if you have time to spare on the day your homework or project was given, do it or at least start!
  • It’s all about time management – divide your work into the days when you have free time, or more importantly, make time for them.
  • Learn how to prioritize – always do the things that are more important first, and accomplish those that are due earlier.
  • Last but not the least, believe in yourself!

You got this, fam.

Have any more tips to add? Share them in the comments!