10 Relatable Things For the Non-Fashionistas

Keeping up with fashion trends can be tough especially for those who don’t have the energy and the passion to. I know this, because no matter how much I try my best to be a little more into it, I can’t seem to make it a part of me.

To those who are like me, I’m sure you guys can relate to these. Lol.

10 Relatable Things For the Non-Fashionistas


10. We’re not always on THIS IS SPARTAAAA mode when fashion brands are on sale. Yes, we sometimes take a peek and look around the stores for cute things, but we just usually keep it at that. We’re not the type who’d really exert the effort during these sales.

9. Tiangge is life. Big brands are awesome and cool and all, but we’re often good with bazaar items.

8. We think that money can be spent somewhere else. Usually food. Mostly food. Definitely food. Lol. Kidding aside, sometimes we have this thinking that the money we’re supposed to spend on clothes can be used for something else. Whether this “something else” is more valuable than clothing is beyond us.

7. Wash and wear, mga bes. Yeah, we get that “‘di ba kasusuot mo lang niyan?” a little too often. But hey, it’s cool.

6. Comfort vs. style. Being stylish can be comfortable, too, but some consider style beyond comfort. For us, though, it’s the other way around. Our outfits may not be in style, more often than not, but if we can move around with it really well, then we’re good.

5. Formal events = panic. What to weaaaar?

4. We spend some time in front of our closets for a different reason. No, we’re not picking which shoes would match this bag. We’re mostly contemplating if we’ve worn a certain piece (or pieces) of clothing a little too recently.

3. We have a default way of dressing up. We have our own style. They’re mostly not riding the waves of the trend but somehow, we repeat our way of dressing up too often that it then becomes part of our identity.

2. We’re cautious about exploring clothing styles. We instantly judge and think that a certain style or a piece of clothing wouldn’t suit us. It might not look good on us. Hence, we still to our usual.

1. We’re okay with it. We’re fine with simply admiring those cool people who can dress really well and can stay up to date with the fashion trends. You go, guys!

Can you relate to this or do you have other points you’d like to share? Let us know!