10 Must-Have Items You Should Get For Journaling

Are you planning to finally start that journal this year? It’s easy to think about creating your own bullet journal when almost everyone on social media is sharing how they create their own.

If you’ve been wanting to create your very own aesthetic journal but have no idea where to begin, here are the essential items you should get to jumpstart your journaling journey:

10. Minimalist Blank Notebook

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Let’s start with the foundation of a great journal: an actual journal! This minimalist journal features beautiful blank pages bound and covered in gorgeous leather. You can also choose whether the cover will be made with vegan leather or genuine leather. There’s also a lot of different colors to choose from, so this stunning minimalist notebook will definitely match whatever journal aesthetic you had in mind. Buy this minimalist blank notebook here!

9. Loose-Leaf Binder

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If you’re looking for something a bit more casual and with more room for experimentation, you might love this loose-leaf binder. With lots of space in between each page thanks to the metal clips, you can definitely add more dimension to your journal. Want to add ticket stubs, receipts, photos, or even flowers to your journal? It’s easy with this loose-leaf binder. Buy this loose-leaf binder here!

8. Washi Tape Set

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Decorating your journal is extra easy with this set of washi tapes. It’s great for sticking notes and pictures to your journal pages, or for creating easy borders and designs. With 10 rolls of washi tape, you can mix and match the designs, too. Buy this washi tape set here!

7. Coffee-Themed Sticker Set

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Want to add extra style to your journal? This coffee-themed sticker pack will definitely give your journal a chill aesthetic with so little effort. Of course, if a coffee theme is not your thing, you can always choose another theme for your sticker set. Buy this coffee-themed sticker set here!

6. Gel Pen

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It’s important to have a great pen to write with so that it’s even more enticing to keep journaling. Get this minimalist gel pen for your journal! This gel pen writes so smoothly and beautifully, you’ll enjoy writing for days on end. Buy this gel pen here!

5. Colored Pen Set

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If you’re planning on color-coding your thoughts, dreams, and plans in your journal, then you need this set of colored pens. It writes just as beautifully as the gel pen mentioned above, so it’s sure to make your journal still look cohesive. Buy this colored pen set here!

4. Highlighter Set

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When there are some items or notes in your journal that need extra emphasis, this highlighter set can help. It comes in six colors so that you can also color-code important notes! Buy this highlighter set here!

3. Calligraphy Brush Pen

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Get these calligraphy brush pens if you’re planning on practicing your calligraphy skills with your journal. There are lots of vibrant colors to choose from, making it easy to experiment and play around with your journal. Buy these calligraphy brush pens here!

2. Vintage Stamp Kit

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This letters-and-numbers vintage stamp kit will easily add extra character to your journal pages. With individual letter stamps, you can use these for super important notes or words that will definitely be the highlight of the page. Buy this vintage stamp kit here!

1. Thermal Printer

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You can easily add photo memories to your journal with this portable thermal printer. You can print out your photos, memorable quotes, and even just random items you see on the internet. Because it uses thermal paper, it’s also efficient, convenient, and easy to add to your journal. Buy this thermal printer here!

Find other journal essentials on Shopee!

What’s your favorite journal item? Share it with us!

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