10 Fantastic Gifts You Can Give Any Potterhead This Christmas

If you are a Potterhead and want to treat yourself to something this Christmas or if you know a Potterhead that you really just want to make happy, we’ve got a list of 10 things that you can give them this Christmas. All you have to do is find the item that suits your budget best.

10 Fantastic Gifts You Can Give Any Potterhead This Christmas

Customized Wands from HP Wands


Price range: Php1,000 to Php1,500


Photo from HP Wands’ Facebook page.

HP Wands (formerly Fenris Wands) specialises in sturdy handcrafted wands. While they specialize in the wands found in the Harry Potter books and movies, the best part about HP Wands is that they can also make wand designs based on your own designs or ideas. Their wands usually take 2-3 days to finish and cost Php1,000 to Php1,300.

Snitch Accessories from Arcto Craft Accessories


Price range: Php100 to Php150


Arcto Craft Accessories sells high quality accessories and items from your favorite fandoms at affordable prices. Believe it or not, they’ve got quality accessories for as low as Php40 – and they all look great! Harry Potter aside, they also cater to other fandoms like Star Wars, Baymax, Pokemon, and Death Note, to name a few.

Read more about Arcto Craft Accessories here.

House-Specific Accessories from Arcto Crafts Accessories


Price range: Php350 to Php500


If you know which House your loved one has been sorted in, you can even opt for House-specific accessories from Arcto Crafts Accessories. They’ve got scarves, pins, keychains and neckties – all of which are available for Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin – depending on which House your loved one prefers.

Chocolate Frogs from The Potter Heritage


Price: Php95


Ever wondered what a Chocolate Frog looks and tastes like? The Potter Heritage can help you out in that department. Give your Potterhead friends Chocolate Frogs as gifts and watch them enjoy this much-loved treat from the Wizarding World. The best part? It also comes with a collectible card of a famous witch or wizard – just like in Harry Potter’s world!

Dark Mark permanent tattoos from The Potter Heritage


Price: Php45


The Chocolate Frogs aside, another sure hit amongst your Potterhead friends would be these Dark Mark permanent tattoos. You can even organise a party, stick them all on and pretend you’re all Death Eaters. :p The Potter Heritage also has other cool Harry Potter merchandise on-hand, including Platform 9 3/4 Tickets, customized Hogwarts Acceptance Letters (yes, you can get the names and addresses on them personalized!), and Marauder’s Maps!

Harry Potter T-Shirts from Strings Manila


Price range: Php250 to Php350


Help your friends wear their fandom loud and proud with awesome Harry Potter t-shirts from Strings Manila. They’ve got new styles available now, too, in time for last month’s release of ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. You might even find something else you or your friends would like as they have a lot of cool shirts, including letter shirts and statement shirts!

Lightning necklaces from Fandom Trinkets


Price: Php89


Photo from @khlchrs_76 on Instagram

If it’s Potterhead jewellery you want to give as a gift, check out the lightning necklaces at Fandom Trinkets. They’ve got a lot of other Potterhead accessories, too, though, like Time Turners and charm bracelets. You’re sure not to run out of ideas.

Accio Galleons coin purse from Fandom Trinkets


Price: Php40


Photo from Fandom Trinkets’ Facebook page.

For something more practical, Fandom Trinkets also has Potterhead coin purses available. This one says ‘Accio Galleons’ in reference to the magic spell that calls items over. However, they also have one that says ‘WWHD (What Would Hermione Do?)’. Very clever!

Personalized Harry Potter character polymer clay keychains from Kleyland Dungeon


Price range: Php100 to Php250


For something incredibly cute, visit Kleyland. Kleyland is AMAZINGLY talented. You can literally tell them which character you’d like to see on a keychain and they can customize one for you. I’ve had Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, Draco Malfoy and Luna Lovegood done – and they all look spot-on! Super love this store!

A Harry Potter Mystery Box from What the Box?


Price: Php800 to Php1800


Why settle for just one thing when you can lived a loved one a whole box of Harry Potter goodies? What the Box will simply ask you to fill out the form based on the person you plan on giving the mystery box to and they will then customize the box to suit that person’s preferences and favourites. Find out more about it in this article: What the Box is a Mystery Box for Your Inner Geek

So, there you have it: 10 fantastic gifts you can give any Potterhead. We guarantee these items will put a hug smile on their face! 😀

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