10 Controversial Online Issues That Pinoys Talked About

When In Manila, the internet is a wonderful place to discover things and catapult the most obscure issues to overnight popularity… and more often than not, we have gone gaga over videos and posts that have gone viral. But more than cute animals, hot or sexy people, and funny antics… it seems that we love controversy the most! There are those that have stirred so many heated arguments on several threads online and have had people clutching onto their pearls.

We give you 10 controversial issues that Pinoys have gone crazy over!

10 Controversial Online Issues That Pinoys Talked About

10. Starlet presents PNP calling card

Alyzza Agustin PNP calling card

Alyzza Agustin, sexy starlet and car show model came under fire when she posted on Instagram how she was able to get away with a traffic violation by showing PNP Director Alexander C. Ignacio’s calling card, “with matching dedication pa”. After it had gotten a lot of flak from netizens online (unsurprisingly), Alyzza later issued an apology on Facebook, saying that she just wanted “a little convenience on the road” and denied knowing the PNP Director personally.

9. RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer’s viral video

Another sexy starlet controversy in the making, but this time with two! RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer came under fire when they posted a video of themselves honking at a sleeping passenger seated at an FX in front of them, while they were stuck in traffic. Netizens who didn’t take kindly to their action said that what the two did was disrespectful and insensitive. Of course, RR and Jeck later apologized.

8. “Awkward” interview with Anne Hathaway

Of course, who can forget Ricky Lo’s aaawkwaaard interview with Anne Hathaway for Les Miserables? The video was later taken down, but we took the liberty of giving you a back-to-back reenactment of what happened!

But in case you wanted a copy of the real video, here ya go:

7. Thai “racist” remarks on the Philippines


koko narak

Prasertsi Kosin, a Thai national living in the Philippines, posted on his profile “Koko Narak” on Facebook calling Pinoys “Pignoys”, and other “racist” remarks– such as expressing fear about being looked at by doctors holding a medical degree from the Philippines, and how Jollibee would close immediately if it opened in Thailand because Thais would not “dip their tongues in that trash”. A BPO firm based in the Philippines, where Kosin works for, terminated his services after his controversial post spread like wildfire. Kosin agreed to voluntary deportment and posted an apology on Facebook.

6. Jaguar driver and the “crazy counterflow” in Bonifacio Global City

A post first shared on Top Gear Philippines’ Facebook page shows a Jaguar car obviously counterflowing down a road in Bonifacio Global City– whose driver goes out in a road rage after being called out! Sent in by “PD CJ NL DeBelen” taken by a dash cam, the video has gotten over 1 million views. The driver later apologized for his actions.

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