10 Cliché Things to Do After a Bad Break-Up (that you’d actually like to do)

In the search of self, happiness, and love, here are five cliché, grabbed-right-out-of-a-movie-scene activities to do after a bad break-up. (Because, let’s be honest, there are things that are kinda nice to do. Just because).

10. Grab a spoon and enjoy a tub of ice cream. All by yourself.

clichebreakup14Photo by Cine Escalona of www.portfolio.ciney.co | www.instagram.com/cine.ma

And while you’re at it, put on your comfiest pambahay and blast that Dionne Warwick song. No, nooo. I’ll never fall in love agaiiiin.

 9. Watch a sunset.

clichebreakup1Manila Bay sunset. Photo by Bria Cardenas of facebook.com/photobybria

We got word that Manila Bay is the perfect spot to muni-muni (but you know, rooftops are great, too).

8. Declutter.

clichebreakup11Photo by Carlo De Guzman of facebook.com/carlomakesphotographs

Clean your room. Change your bedsheets. Your curtain’s getting dusty; might as well replace it with one in a different color, huh? Lighten up the place. Take out what needs to be taken out. Throw away what needs to be thrown away. Which brings us to #7.

7. Host a bonfire party.


This might as well top the world’s list of cliche break-up activities, but hey, if you’re on the lookout for something symbolic or pa-deep or whatnot, then why-the-hell-not? Let go of those letters. Those polaroids. Those receipts you kept. And close your eyes and remind yourself that you’re moving to better, greater, grander things.

Boom. Catharsis.

6. Go to places you used to date at together—and make new memories.


Remember that bench by the tree you two used to sit on? That cafe you used to spend hours together at? Well, just as that bench was just a bench, and that cafe, like any other cafes, was just a cafe, places will remain just places until you attach meaning or memory to it. And the good news is, you can create beautiful new memories at those very same places—whether alone or with your friends.

5. Two words: break-up playlist.

clichebreakup15Photo by Jara Rogacion of j0ssiean.tumblr.com

No, I’m not talking about The Man Who Can’t Be Moved or Hello or other songs that would be wonderful to sulk to. I’m talking about happy songs. Empowering songs. Think Beyonce. Positive vibes. Songs that’ll make you dance all Taylor-Swift-gawky-and-happy and feel good about yourself.

4. Work out. Get a hair cut.


Take a jog. Lift. Squat. Release those happy hormones. Cut off an inch off your hair. Or two. Or five. Live a healthier lifestyle. Embrace change— you’re off to a better, happier you.

3. Get out there…


Really now, when was the last time you went out with friends and met new people?

2. …we mean it. Literally.


When the spirit longs for an adventure, give in. Go to somewhere far away— no texting, no WiFi—just you and the beauty of nature. C’mon, you know you want your own Angelica Panganiban moment. :P

1. Find yourself.

clichebreakup10Photo by Bria Cardenas of facebook.com/photobybria

It’s going to be a journey. A long one. But we have to understand that before we find someone who’s going to love us again, we have to first learn to love ourselves. Pick yourself up from the ground. Forgive. Let go. Spend time alone. Allow yourself to heal. And remember that everything happens for a reason.

As the old saying goes (nah, I’m kidding, I just saw this retweeted on my timeline) :

“You’re gonna have to meet a few cowards before you find someone brave enough to love you.”

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