10 Affordable Things You Can Do When in Mexico

The first time I came to know about Mexico was when Thalia came to the Philippines following the success of her telenovelas in the late 90s. The second instance I heard about Mexico was when world boxing champ Manny Pacquiao fought with several Mexican boxers in a span of a decade. The third incidence came when I stumbled upon a Mexican restaurant in Taguig and ate their tacos while listening to cumbia music.

The wonder list just kept on growing until a chance to travel to the Land of Tacos and Tequila fell on my lap one summer. After all, the only thing that divides Philippines and Mexico is the Pacific waters. If you think that Mexico is too distant, too gigantic or too expensive to become a ‘dream destination’, think again. Even getting a Mexican Visa as a Filipino is no sweat at all. Here are 10 interesting things to do in Mexico that won’t cost you a fortune.

10 Affordable Things You Can Do When in Mexico

Top 10 Things to do in Mexico
10. Ride a trajinera in Xochimilco.

Trajineras, quite similar to gondolas, are wooden boats painted with bright floral designs. You know Mexicans like things bright and colourful (just look at their food, flag or houses). Cruise the “Venice of the New world “canals in the Southern part of Mexico city, Xochimilco, for a price of Mx$140-160 or Php 360-410 per hour. This town is just an hour away from Zocalo for Mx$2/Php5 by metro light train.

Top 10 Affordable Things to do in Mexico

Then, revel in the fiesta atmosphere with the sounds of trumpeting mariachis and symphonic marimbas while feasting on antojitos (snacks) composed of tacos, quesadillas, fried potatoes accompanied with some refreshments or beer. It’s a great floating picnic party you’ll have there!

9. Visit the Casa Azul of Frida Kahlo in Coyoacan.

Have you seen the movie ‘Frida’ starring Salma Hayek? The film depicts the life and artworks of one of Mexico’s greatest artists, Frida Kahlo, and most of its locations were shot in the painter’s hometown: Coyoacan, Mexico City. The Blue House, where Frida spent most of her life with her celebrated husband Diego Rivera, was converted into a museum that contains her self-portrait paintings (even the unfinished ones!), her bed, and her favorite utensils in the kitchen among other memorabilia.

Top 10 Affordable Things to do in Mexico

The entrance fee to the Frida Kahlo Museum is Mx$120/Php308.

8. Tour Guadalajara city.

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and is home to Mariachi music. Avail of the Tapatio tour to ride a Tapatio bus that will tour you around the 4 main sections of Guadalajara in one day.

Top 10 Affordable Things to do in Mexico

Each area has 9 or more point of interests, which is not bad for a price of Mx$120 / PhP 308.  Who knows you might even chance upon beauties like Miss Universe 2011 Ximena Navarette, who happens to be from this city. This metropolis is actually known for its beautiful women. Apparently, the tapatias (women from Guadalajara) have the most beautiful Mexican eyes.

7. Drink tequila – lots of it!

Drink tequila like water while you’re still in Guadalajara. Did you know that tequila is from this place? Any tequila that is not concocted in Mexico is not considered to be tequila at all. If you love drinking tequila, this tour is perfect for you. For Mx $400 / PhP 1000, you get a free taste of various types of tequila in one of the best traditional tequila factories while getting educated on the origins and production of tequila (Tequila Tour Tres Mujeres, Tequila Jalisco Mexico).

Top 10 Affordable Things to do in Mexico

6. Watch Lucha Libre (wrestling) live.

Mexicans are fond of Rey Misterio and wrestling. It’s noticeable that most wrestlers who wear masks are Mexican. It is their way of making the fight more interesting.

Top 10 Affordable Things to do in Mexico

The identity of the wrestler is kept as a mystery unless their opponents can take their mask off of them. The ticket price for this ranges from Mx$50-300 or PhP 130-770 (Arena Coliseo Guadalajara).

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