10 Affordable Things You Can Do When in Mexico

5. Catch a Rodeo (bull riding).

If you happen to arrive in a Mexican town during their fiesta, you can catch some bull riding. This spectacle is a family affair wherein kids get thrilled and amused seeing the bulls twisting around to dismount bull riders or cowboys off of them. I heard that there is one town in Masbate that still practices this tradition of bull riding, by the way!

Top 10 Affordable Things to do in Mexico

This sport is usually free to watch, but if there’s a famous bull, bull rider, or a popular band playing, it might have an entrance fee.

4. Stroll around Zocalo.

Zocalo has been a favored filming location for a while now, the most recent addition on the list being 007 Spectre. And ooh how  spectre-acular the opening sequence was!

Top 10 Affordable Things to do in Mexico

This is the largest square in America and the third largest in the world after the Red Square in Russia and the Tiananmen Square in China, Zocalo is home to political, artistic and cultural events dotted with plenteous attractions nearby such as Cathedral, Templo Mayor, Palacio de Bellas Artes, among others.

3. Pray at the Basilica of Guadalupe.

Located in Mexico City, Basilica de Guadalupe is the most visited Catholic church in the world after the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Basilica. For Catholic Filipinos, your Mexican trip won’t be complete without a pilgrimage to one of the most important holy places of Catholicism to pray, meditate and give thanks.

Top 10 Affordable Things to do in Mexico

You can even get your personal items or souvenirs sprinkled with holy waters before leaving the church.

2. Climb the Teotihuacan’s pyramids.

The most well-known pyramids (and the biggest, too!) in Mexico are the Pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacan. The Aztecs, who saw these magnificent ruins, believed they were made by the gods, thus naming them Teotihuacan, which translates to “place of the gods”.

Top 10 Affordable Things to do in Mexico

Make sure you wear comfy shoes and light clothes for a more convenient clamber up the steep and narrow staircases of the pyramids. Climbing to the top can be backbreaking, but once you catch a glimpse of this majestic sight, everything will be worth it. The entrance ticket is priced at Mx$64 or Php 164.

1. Eat authentic tacos.

What better way to experience Mexico than to try their best-loved dish: TACOS?!  In Mexico, tacos are considered street food (similar to our fish balls here in Manila). They are ubiquitous, affordable and come in a variety of flavors.

Top 10 Affordable Things to do in Mexico

You can normally find tacos in every street corner where there’s a taqueria (taco stalls) at any time of the day. A piece of taco can costs between Mx$ 8-12 or PhP 21-31.

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In a country that is full of life, storied history, warm people, and diverse Mexican dishes, you can never run out of activities to engage in. These are just some of the interesting yet affordable things to do and see in Mexico out of the endless options that this colossal country can offer. If your itchy feet has been longing to set foot in Latin American countries, put Mexico on the top of your list.

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