The Burger Project: Best Burgers in Manila Philippines

By on February 19, 2011

When In Manila, and looking for the BESTEST burgers ever… then you need to head over to The Burger Project!

I’ve long been searching for the best burgers here. I’m consistently craving for that ultimate burger that could satisfy my cravings like that of my favorite burger joint in California, In N Out Burger.

So it was to my absolute delight to have found this small place called: The Burger Project!

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What’s even better about this place is how you get to design and name your own burger! It’s having your burger your way, taken to a whole new level! So it’s really fun to just sit in this burger shop and hear the funny names that the other patrons call out.


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You’ll find a lot of students and avant garde people here. It being close to the University of the Philippines Diliman (UP) and all.

Of course, they also have their signature burgers you can order in case you’re not feeling like the master chef quite yet.


Love Burgers? You’d love this Perfect Burger Deal!

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The Burger Project is all about the perfect burger, just the way you like it.And BUYanihan is all about the perfect deal, just the way your wallet likes it, heavy on savings and juicy with unforgettable gastronomic moments.


Do also try their Burger of the Month, a combination of the most mouthwatering ingredients ever discovered by Burger Project experts, this deal is worth every rich, juicy, unforgettable bite. The Burger Project meal comes with home-made fries and large coke float. No more hungry, for sure!

The Burger Project - The Burger Project of the Month - BUYanihan - The first group buying website in the Philippines - Discounts, deals and coupons!

Oh and also try their yummy floats!



The Burger Project: Best Burgers in Manila Philippines


Vibrant, Eye-Catching, and Very Inviting

Located at 122 Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village in Quezon City, the Burger Project is right smack in the heart of Burger country, close to the Metro’s big universities and commercial centers. It’s the perfect hang-out place for barkadas.

The Burger Project - The Burger Project of the Month - BUYanihan - The first group buying website in the Philippines - Discounts, deals and coupons!

So many have already taken up their own burger project at this store vibrant with the ear-to-ear smiles of happy customers.

The Burger Project - The Burger Project of the Month - BUYanihan - The first group buying website in the Philippines - Discounts, deals and coupons!

Of course, thanks to our friends from, you’ll get to enjoy the BEST BURGER in Manila…. wait… let me rephrase that… The BEST BURGERS in the Philippines, at a whopping discount!

Let BUYanihan’s Juicy Deal of the Day and your love of burgers lead you to the Burger Project and nothing but the perfect burger, at 40% Off. Yum!

BUYanihan Deal: Bite into the Juiciest Burger in Town for only P240 at Burger Project! Includes home-made fries and coke float (Original Price: P400)


Not just any burger, the Burger Project!

  • Get the Burger of the Month composed of juicy patty, cheese, onion rings, and lettuce, a recommended combination by the chef!
  • The patty is Tasty, Tender and Juicy, made of 100% pure beef!
  • The poppyseed bun is soft, with a home-made taste.
  • Comes with home-made fries and coke float
  • Served in generous proportions, in a cozy college tambayan place.


When In Manila, and in need of satisfying a good burger craving, then head over to The Burger Project in the Teacher’s Village, Diliman Quezon City. Oh and also be sure to try their AMAZING and YUMMY  fries!


BRGR: The Burger Project

The Burger Project
122 Maginhawa Street
Teacher’s Village
Diliman, Quezon City
(632) 3517474 & (63)915 5202266



The Burger Project: Best Burgers in Manila Philippines



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