PSG Power Rangers: It’s Morphin Time on March 24!

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The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is a show that needs no introduction for many 90s kids. The show had everything a child could wish for, from colorful spandex suits and cheesy lines to the jaw-dropping Megazord transformation. Their adventures taught many valuable lessons such as unity and virtue to children back in the day. Now making its big return to the big screen, the Phi Sigma Gamma Fraternity of the UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery brings you Power Rangers on March 24, 7 pm at the Fisher Mall Cinema.

Here is your chance to relive those precious childhood memories of your favorite rangers fighting monsters to protect the future of the world.Tickets are sold for PHP 350 with tons of freebies. For inquiries, please contact Bryan Janier (09156302295).

The Phi Sigma Gamma Fraternity would like to thank the following:


13 Ubay St. Comfort Dining

Amo Yamie Crib España

Asia Bangs First Group Corporation

Trampoline Park Philippines

Uber Philippines


And official media partner,

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