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Here Are The World’s Most Powerful Passports

Ever wondered which passports were the most powerful around the world? Financial advisory firm Arton Capital released the 2017 Global Passport Index, which ranked 193 countries and six territories according to the number of countries their...

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TRAVEL: Experiencing the Sinulog Fever

I am not a big fan of festivals until I experienced Sinulog first-hand. I used to not like festivals because crowds can be very rowdy and it involves lots of walking under the heat of the sun. The reasons may be trivial, but when you become a...

The 3 Places You Have to Visit When In Perth

3 Must-See Places When in Perth

Perth has a unique transport system. It is nothing like what we’re used to in the Philippines. The best way to understand this is to look at your own hand and how it all connects in the middle. The transport system in Perth is somewhat like...


How To Travel On A Budget

5. Keep a travel fund Traveling can really put a dent in your pocket — but there are ways to save up to travel, especially when it’s well-planned. Create a travel fund, separate from your regular savings account, and deposit a regular...


5 Ways To Be A Better Traveller This 2017

5. Learn a language If you’re pretty serious about traveling, learning another language can really boost your travel game. Even if you’re only staying in another city for a few days, bridge the language barrier and impress the locals...


LOOK: A Bird’s Eye View of the City at Night

Flying can be very relaxing, especially if you’re seated by the window seat and get a good view of the fluffy clouds or the city underneath. I especially love flying at night because of the beautiful city lights that you get to catch after...

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