5 of the Yummiest and Softest Ensaymadas We’ve Tasted

I love ensaymada. I especially love having it for breakfast paired with a cup of hot chocolate. However, it’s also a good treat to have for merienda or even for dessert. If you’re craving for yummy, soft, and fluffy ensaymada; here are 5 stores you need to check out right now.

5 of the Yummiest and Softest Ensaymadas We’ve Tasted

5. Fayestries (@fayestries_)


Fayestries was born out of Faye’s spontaneity. Faye has always loved baking, but simply never had the time for it. When the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) came about, however, and she started working from home; she found herself with a ton of spare time to bake. Since her family isn’t fond of sweets, she ended up eating everything or giving them to neighbors so they wouldn’t go to waste. Since her neighbors loved her pastries so much, she started selling in her neighborhood first before creating an Instagram page to share her passion with more people.

Fayestries offers affordable freshly baked pastries, so you can satisfy your cravings without spending too much. They have two flavors for their ensaymada: Classic and Ube. Aside from being soft and cheesy, their ube ensaymada is overloaded with ube – even the cream cheese on top is ube-flavored! Make sure to check out their full menu, as well, because they don’t just have ensaymada. They have 18 types of pastries on the roster at the moment!

4. Sweet Delights by Charlotte (@sweetdelightsbycharlotte)


Photo from Sweet Delights by Charlotte

Charlotte Mae Tan is a mom of two who started baking treats in 2015 to help moms with supply problems. She combined her love for baking and her passion to push breastfeeding at the forefront. After receiving great feedback from moms sharing that dads and picky-eating kids would steal their lactation stash, Charlotte decided to widen their menu to cater to non-breastfeeding folk, as well. “I believe in delighting our customers and making every tummy happy,” she beams. She also admit that their ensaymadas took quite a while to launch because she wanted to get the perfect texture and consistency for them first.

Sweet Delight’s ensaymadas are hella soft, and are topped with cream cheese or Oreo frosting. Their milk bread rolls are just as soft and come with the perfect filling that fits your preferences. While their ube cheesecake bars are both unique and delighting at the same time. Even their classics are consistently good, and are sure to delight everyone in the family. Make sure to check out everything that they have to offer today.

3. Panci Pastries (@pancipastries)


Photo from Panci Pastries

Panci Pastries came to life two years ago when Michelle and her siblings saw their sister’s potential in baking quality pastries after she competed in the country during her college days. The business didn’t come into full bloom until they expanded their knowledge and experiences more, though – and I have to say: the wait is worth it! Their ensaymadas are just the right size and are so incredibly soft, it’s impossible not to fall in love with them!

Panci Pastries’ products are available for pickup and are freshly baked before they are sent out to their customers. They recommend not refrigerating the ensaymada to avoid hardness… but don’t worry. I don’t think you’ll have leftovers, anyway. Take note that you have to preorder your goodies when you order, too, in order to get the best quality!

2. Jona’s Pastry Shop (@jonaspastryshop)


Photo from Jona’s Pastry Shop

After developing and selling ube cheese pandesal, Jona Ortega realized that they needed to create products that are different from the rest. After interviewing some of their key customers and getting their insights, they ended up developing Premium and Supreme Ensaymada, both of which you won’t soon forget. I mean… just look at the photo above! The Premium version is for those who want more cheese and ube fillings, while the Supreme variant is for those who simply want an overload of flavors and fillings. The dough of both variants have also been tweaked for extra softness.

Jona’s Pastry Shop offers freshly baked products made of high quality ingredients on the day that you need them, so that all of the elements of freshness – aroma, softness, and flavor of the bread – are at their peak. Plus, their prices are super reasonable. Make sure to check out their full menu as they also have cassava bars, lemon and red velvet crinkles, and food for the gods available.

1. Yana Banana’s Goodies (@yanabananas.goodies)


Photo from Yana Banana’s Goodies

Juliana Chan is only 14 years old. She loves baking so much that she attended summer cooking and baking classes when she was only 5 and 7 years old. During quarantine, her goal was to perfect her ensaymadas and well, they have. We got a box of these and they vanished into our tummies almost instantly! They are so soft and fluffy, they will melt in your mouth! The buttercream will remind you of eating our favorite cake because of the creaminess, as well.

Yana Banana’s ensaymadas also make for great gifts. In fact, one of the reasons why Yana decided to offer ensaymadas is because they think that giving someone a box of ensaymada will make them feel special. She’s not wrong! They also have cookies, which aren’t too sweet because they use dark chocolate chips to complement the sweetness and a hint of Himalayan pink salt to enhance the flavors.

What’s the best ensaymada you’ve ever tasted? 🙂

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