Yuck Gigital Lomography Workshop: Lomography Isn’t Dead

 Yuck Gigital Lomography Workshop: Lomography Isn’t Dead



It rained a bit last Saturday afternoon but Cubao Expo was still lovely, and so was the Yuck Gigital lomography workshop with Erick Cusi. Our small workshop group settled in at the Print Collective Co. Studio and got into it.

Erick covered the beginnings of lomography. Apparently, it started in Russia of all places. Lomo cameras were supposed to be the everyman’s camera. It was “discovered” by a group of Europeans during a trip to Russia. The developed photos, with their dreamy feel, vignettes and deep saturation, paved the way for this group to promote these cameras to the world. Fast forward to the present day, it’s the basis of all those Instagram filters that we see all the time.

The rules of lomography are really about going against the grain of traditional photography rules. However, it’s important to understand all of these so that you can properly break them. At the end of the day, lomo is about being in the moment and letting the pictures come to you as a surprise. Yes, you need to wait for these to be developed. Yes, it does take time. Yes, some of these are apt for throwback Thursdays already.



Erick brought out his many lomo cameras and talked about the different types of film like the 135MMs to the 110MMs. He also covered DIY tricks that we could do with our lomo cameras to get different types of photos that go beyond the standard settings.

The highlight of the whole thing was the lomowalk. We got to go around Cubao Expo and snapped photos of the place together with Erick. After that, we did a portrait session using a Pertzval lens. Less than 5 people have this in the Philippines so that was a real treat. We also got freebies and discounts from the event sponsors, Team Manila and Wooden Canvas.

Overall, the workshop was really good. I’m looking forward to snapping a lot more photos on my LCA and Fisheye cameras.

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Get further acquainted with Erick Cusi at https://www.lomography.com/homes/icuresick

The workshop was presented by Team Manila and Wooden Canvas, with WhenInManila.com as media partner. 




Yuck Gigital Lomography Workshop: Lomography Isn’t Dead

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