Yoyo Players to Showcase Amazing Tricks at the Philippine National Yoyo Contest

Prepare to be swept away by the electrifying spectacle as Flipspin Yo-Yo Komunidad proudly presents the 17th Annual Philippine National Yo-Yo Contest. From September 16-17 at the SM City Marikina Event Center, champions will emerge, creativity will soar, and the finest Yo-Yo players nationwide will collide in an exhilarating “Battle of the Best.”

This extraordinary event transcends the ordinary, serving as a portal to the world of Yo-Yo brilliance. Witness the pinnacle of Yo-Yo talent across thrilling divisions. More than just rivalry, it’s a celebration of extreme tricks and camaraderie bonds.

IMG 0265Yoyo contest

Dive into action with Flipspin Yo-Yo Komunidad, embracing Yo-Yo fundamentals through complimentary lessons in essential tricks. Engage with fellow enthusiasts, gain insights from experts, and fully immerse yourself in the essence of Yo-Yo.

In partnership with Duncan Yoyos, Flipspin adds an international touch. Prepare to be captivated by Polo Garbkamol, reigning Asia Pacific Champion and Thailand National Yo-Yo champion. His mastery elevates the contest’s prestige, embodying the brilliance that defines Yo-Yo artistry.

Joining the ranks is esteemed guest, Polo Garbkamol, an Asia Pacific Champion and Thailand National Yo-Yo champion. His presence amplifies the contest’s global stature, showcasing his remarkable mastery.

And the best part? Admission is completely free. Beyond an event, the 17th Annual Philippine National Yo-Yo Contest celebrates extreme skill and competition. Experience the unique synergy between the Yo-Yo and the Philippines, harmonizing tradition and progress.

Prepare for an unmatched experience. Whether enthusiast or observer, the contest guarantees not just entertainment, but inspiration—a profound exploration into the captivating world of Yo-Yo mastery.