YouTuber uploads unedited video showing her ABUSING her dog!

On August 8, use @KEEMSTAR uploaded a video on Twitter. His caption reads: “SHOCKING! YouTuber @brookehouts uploads a unedited wrong video file to her channel! The Unedited version shows her ABUSING HER DOG!”

Screenshot from Video

In the video, the YouTube star shares that she plans to do a prank on her dog. After a few minutes, her dog shows enthusiasm and plays with her in which she blatantly reacts to her dog by hitting and spitting on the poor pup.

A few internet personalities have also given their own replies to the footage of the YouTuber.

One celebrity who is known to be quite the animal lover is Brother Nature (@brothernature) where he commented: “Smh disgusting.”

Jameela Jamil, one of the leading stars in The Good Place and is a well-known advocate for several different causes, also shared her opinion and wrote: “Put this cretin in jail.”

Since accidentally uploading the video, the YoTtuber has already uploaded her apology on her personal Twitter account in a pinned tweet:

A Filipina Ford model who has been quite popular on the site responded to her saying:

Currently, there’s been a rise of comments from numerous Twitter users who saw what she did in the video and are continuously stating she should no longer keep the dog.

Her latest status indicates some people have been understanding yet many users replies state the only understanding they’ve done is what horrible acts she’s done to her dog.

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