YouTube NextUp is Looking for Talented Filipino Creators

YouTube’s NextUp contest in the Philippines is back to spotlight and support the growth of local up-and-coming YouTube creators. Launched in 2011, YouTube NextUp has helped over 500 creators in more than 13 countries take their channels to the next level, giving them skills, mentorship, and a network to help them create compelling content.

Now on its third year in the Philippines, 12 Filipino creators will be chosen to participate in the week-long creator camp where they will meet with NextUp alumni and top YouTube stars to learn about production techniques and growing their channels for business. They will also receive mentorship from the YouTube Creator & Artist Development Team team and get a Php105,000 production voucher for the latest equipment.

To be eligible for the search, you must have a channel in good standing with 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers with at least three original videos posted in the past three months. Winners will be selected on the basis of your potential for improvement, capacity for attracting audiences, and alignment with YouTube’s core values. To enter the contest, simply go to and fill out the application form.


Photo from Lesha’s Facebook page

Some of the notable alumni of YouTube NextUp Manila include electro-pop artist Lesha and comedian Benedict Cua, who took their talents to the stage of YouTube FanFest festival back in May, and home stylist Elle Uy who has grown a community among home makeover enthusiasts.

“We came home from the camp being like a family. We all felt so close, enjoyed each other’s company, and we got to collaborate. Even after camp we planned to do collaborations, so that was the highlight of the entire camp for me because I got to take home really good friends and at the same time, knowledge and learnings about YouTube,” shared NextUp Manila Class of 2018 alumna Lesha. She recently took her talents to the stage of YouTube FanFest festival back in May.

Benedict Cua

Photo from Benedict Cua’s Facebook page

Another notable alumni, Benedict Cua, expressed that one of the best things about being a NextUp finalist is, “getting connected with the people behind YouTube. They made us realize that they do care for the creators and that it is possible for you to serve a bigger purpose in your life, in your community, through your content, and this is what I loved most about the event.” Since last year, Benedict has grown his channel to more than 640,000 subscribers and has also performed alongside Lesha at the YouTube FanFest festival.

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