Your Internet just Became Suplado: Catch the Suplado Show by ‘Mr. Suplado’ Stanley Chi at DIG Radio

When in Manila, are you sick and tired of hearing the same old lousy, cheesy, mushy stuff on late-night radio? (Boy do I hear a resounding YES!) Want to add some spunk to your late night Mondays? Now hear this!





Listen to “Mr. Suplado” Stanley Chi as he dishes out his funny ‘suplado’ antics and witty humor on late-night internet radio. Catch the Suplado Show at DIG Radio (www.pinoytuner.com) every Mondays, from 9PM to 11PM.



Just in case you haven’t heard of Mr. Suplado yet (I tell you, you’re missing out on a lot!), he is THE man behind the best-selling book, “Suplado Tips“. Since its nationwide release last March, his book of witticisms has already sold thousands of copies that they are fast-disappearing on the shelves of National Bookstore and Fully Booked! (Better get one for yourself now!)



Aside from being an author of 4 books and an internet DJ, Stanley Chi is a stand-up comic, and a TV host for the comedy show ‘Front Act’. He is also the creator of the hit comic strip ‘Chopsticks‘ eight years ago and you can still see it it every Sundays at Manilla Bulletin.



The Suplado Show. Your internet just became suplado!



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