You Were Cool in the Early 2000s When You Had These Things

Co-developed with Koji Arsua and Sky Gavin

Major throwback feels!

The early 2000s was a weird time, trend-wise at least, that we can’t help but do a facepalm when we see old photos of ourselves sporting a supposedly “uso” style back then. Like, who the hell started elephant pants?! Why was that a thing???

On the other hand, odd or not, these trends remind us of simpler, happier times, when we were young and obviously naive. Lol. Nevertheless, it’s nice to feel nostalgic sometimes, so here are 15 things that made you cool in the early 2000s if you had them!

15. Barkada studio photo 

Your gala with friends to the mall after class always called for a quick trip to Picture City. Remember those colorful backdrops you had to choose from? That was cool.

Plus points if your barkada had a name. Mine was i20.

14. G Shock or Baby G

You couldn’t have been a cool kid in school if you didn’t have one of these on your wrists: a G-shock for boys and a Baby G for girls. Quick, flash the lights para mas cool!

13. Elephant pants

Sinuot mo din ‘to. Don’t me.

12. Tattoo choker necklace

Was it meant to be a fake tattoo? A necklace? A sign of rebellion? A call for help? A libag? Who knew?

11. Jansport backpack

Twitter: @hjcopeland

The official backpack sponsor of all High School kids in the early 2000s.

10. Discman

Anyone who owned a discman back then was a certified RK—Rich Kid and Real Kool. JK. Plus points if you had that CD wallet full of good band albums!

9. Skechers rubber shoes for P. E.

Skechers was the students’ of 2000s Nike.

8. Coleman

Thirsty? Make sure you’re drinking ice cold water from your Coleman water jug!

7. Puka shell or wooden beaded necklace

This was the ultimate cool guy accessory back then, that even celebrities like Chad Michael Murray wore them.

6. A guitar that you brought to school

Chairs in the classroom would be formed in a circle, while a master gitarista (who is probably your crush) played everyone’s favorite songs, from Avril Lavigne to Moonstar 88.

5. A Von Dutch trucker cap

Idk why trucker caps back then had to be Von Dutch, but they had to be Von Dutch.

4. Spiky hair

Boys had those spiky gelled hair like the N’SYNC, which teachers called “pamatay-butiki”, while girls had those two dangling spikes on both sides of their faces like Lizzy Mcguire.

3. A Marithe Francois Girbaud wallet

Somehow owning a “Girbaud” wallet back then was a cool thing, although who knows how or why that started. Alternately, if Girbaud wasn’t your thing, any other wallet would have sufficed, as long as they were “branded” (fake ones were all right).

2. Bandana

Blame it on Jenny from the Block, Christina Aguilera, or Alicia Keys, but wearing a bandana on your head for P.E. or after-class sports activities was also a cool thing to do. To keep the sweat off the face, you know?

1. You had to have a favorite local rock band

Ah, the most important telltale sign that you were a cool kid back then was this: you had a favorite OPM rock band back then, and you knew their songs by every word and by heart. *Cue Spongecola song*

Do you remember any other cool things that were uso in your school or neighborhood in the early 2000s? We’d love to hear about them! Tell us in the comments!

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