Yomenya Goemon: Spaghetti and Pizza, The Japanese Way

When In Manila, if you are a lover of Japanese and Italian cuisine, the newly opened Japanese Spaghetti House, Yomenya Goemon, will surely satisfy your cravings!


Yomenya Goemon: Japanese Spaghetti House 


Yomenya Goemon: What About?


“Yomenya” – Japanese Western Restaurant

“Goemon” – a legendary 16th century ninja warrior who stole valuables to give to the poor


Yomenya Goemon, opened their first store at Shibuya, Japan in 1976. From one store to another, Yomenya Goemon quickly expanded opening up to almost 2,500  stores in the whole of Japan. Wanting to spread the Italian Japanese recipe, Yomenya Goemon opened their first international branch in Singapore then branched out to China not long after.. 


And just last October 18, 2012, Yomenya Goemon officially opened their first branch here in the Philippines at Greenbelt 3, Makati City. 


 Yomenya Goemon: Japanese Spaghetti House 


I always feel so welcome when entering a Japanese inspired restaurant. Besides the good food, it is their warm greeting of welcoming guests like “Irasshaimase!” that I always look forward to. Of course Yomenya Goemon wasn’t an exception to that!


Being Japan’s 2nd largest food and beverage player, Yomenya Goemon has re-interpreted the idea of spaghetti in the minds of the Japanese. Using basic Italian ingredients–olive oil, cheese and spaghetti, plus the “cook-on-order” policy by the Japanese, surely, Yomenya Goemon will keep its customers slurping for more.


Yomenya Goemon Pasta Display 


Yomenya Goemon Open Kitchen 


Here at Yomenya Goemon, a pasta dish has to undergo 4 stations before it is to be served. The Noodle Boiling Station, is where spaghetti is cooked upon receiving of the order. They see to it that the pasta is freshly made and will turn out to be al dente. The Saute Station is where the sauce is mixed to its flavor and the Saucing Station is where the sauce is added to the spaghetti. After which, the serving is completed with decorations and garnish at the Garnishing and Preparation Station.



Yomenya Goemon: Open Kitchen


Yomenya Goemon: Saute Station


Yomenya Goemon: Garnishing and Preparation Station 


Yomenya Goemon: Pasta and Pizza

Yomenya Goemon serves the same menu in all their branches in Japan and internationally. Only here in the Philippines can you find Longganisa Pasta and Aligue Pasta out of the 30+ variants they serve. 

For starters, the Wafu Soup and Wafu Salad would be the perfect tandem.


Topped with Katsuobushi, or dried bonito flakes, I personally think the Wafu Salad was okay. I find the taste of Katsuobushi a little strong. But for some, they actually like it. According to Cholo, a fellow When In Manila writer and lover of the Japanese cuisine, the taste was unique and perfect in neutralizing the taste of food, so I guess, he actually liked it. 


 Yomenya Goemon: Wafu Salad topped with Katsuobushi


Yomenya Goemon: Wafu Soup


For pizza lovers, Yomenya Goemon has 7 deliciously handmade 10-inch pizza ready to be served! Meant to be shared, 2 pizza flavors were served to us. Both of which looked and smelled good! And the taste? You have to try it out yourself to know. 


The Porcini Pizza with Bacon and Three Mushroom really caught my attention. I’m a lover of all kinds of mushrooms and believe me this pizza is as good as how it looks. I love how the flavors of Erinji, Shimeiji and Porcini mushroom mix in your mouth in one bite. Definitely a must try!


 Porcini Pizza with Bacon and Three Mushrooms (Php 450.00)


 The Smoked Chicken with Four Cheese Pizza is made of chicken plus the 4 cheese namely Parmesan, Monterey Jack, Aged Cheddar and Gorgonzola. This will surely be a favorite of cheese lovers out there! 


Smoked Chicken with Four Cheese (Php 350.00)


I almost had pasta overload that night! 5 flavors of pasta were served to our table. Best sellers according to marketing manager Roberto Vallar are the Mentaiko Shrimp and Japanese Herb Ao-ShisoShabu Shabu Boiled Pork and Japanese Vegetables and the Hokkaido Cheese Cream Soup Spaghetti with Scallop, Corn, Bacon and Potato. Overall, what I liked most about their pastas is that all were served al dente, warm and fresh. 


No wonder the Mentaiko Shrimp and Japanese Herb Ao-Shiso is a best seller! The flavor of Mentaiko or Spicy Cod Roe mixed with the aromatic Japanese herb, Ao-Shiso, plus Enoki mushrooms gave way to the unique taste of this dish. I can’t really explain what I liked about it, I suggest you try it to understand what I’m saying, but yes, overall I would recommend this to everyone.


Yomenya Goemon: Mentaiko Shrimp and Japanese Herb Ao-Shiso (Php 395.00)


The Crab, Shrimp and Scallop with Crab Paste is one of the two Filipino style flavors served only here in the Philippines. Crab paste or commonly known here as “aligue” is sure to stay long on your taste buds. But just a warning, this may be good to eat but too much aligue in your system is just a no-no. Aligue contains high cholesterol, so it is not really for large servings.


Yomenya Goemon: “Aligue Pasta” or Crab, Shrimp and Scallop with Crab Paste-Filipino Style (Php 325.00)


While this was the pasta that surprised most of us because of its spice level–Shabu Shabu Boiled Pork and Japanese Vegetables with Sesame Sauce. As the picture shows, the Togarashi is quite visible meaning it is really spicy. But among all the pasta served to us, this was my favorite. I love the texture of the thinly sliced pork, the Enoki mushroom and bacon, plus the sesame sauce together makes it so good.


Yomenya Goemon: Shabu Shabu Boiled Pork and Japanese Vegetables with Sesame Sauce  (Php 295.00)


The Yakitori Broiled Chicken with Wafu Sauce was okay. Not really a favorite of mine because it was too sweet for me. Although the chicken was soft and cooked well.


Yomenya Goemon: Yakitori Broiled Chicken with Wafu Sauce (php 350.00)


Of course we won’t miss their famous Soup Spaghetti:  Hokkaido Cheese Cream Soup Spaghetti with Scallop, Corn, Bacon and Potato.  Just by the name, this dish definitely sounds enticing! I like this pasta at first, but the taste becomes tiring the longer you eat it–termed “umay” or “suya” in Filipino. Partly because of its very creamy sauce and cheese. The taste is similar to pasta carbonara. I recommend this for sharing just so you don’t lose appetite and enjoy it. 


Yomenya Goemon: Hokkaido Cheese Cream Soup Spaghetti with Scallop, Corn, Bacon and Potato (Php 295.00)


Have a huge appetite? You can upgrade you  regular sized serving pasta to a bigger one for the amount of P120.00 only!


Yomenya Goemon: Desserts 

Yomenya Goemon also serves good desserts. Each one of us has our own favorites. I would go for the  Souffle Cheesecake with Strawberry Ice Cream. A fan of cheesecakes, I would agree that it was good. Of course, best eaten with the strawberry ice cream. The Mango Pudding Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream was also good. The Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ice Cream,  I really recommended for chocolate lovers. 

Yomenya Goemon Desserts: Mango Pudding Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream 


 Yomenya Goemon Desserts: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ice Cream


 Yomenya Goemon: Souffle Cheesecake with Strawberry Ice Cream 


For drinks, I tried the Iced Royal Milk Tea. You can opt to order it with ice cream on top! Their hot tea was pretty good too.


Yomenya Goemon Drinks: Iced Royal Milk Tea 


Yomenya Goemon Drinks: Hot Tea



So When In Manila, craving for pizza, pasta and more the Japanese style? Check out Yomenya Goemon at Greenbelt 3. Don’t forget to bring friends with you to share!



Did you know that here at Yomenya Goemon, they do not allow TAKE  OUT or TO GO for pasta orders?

WHY? Simply because the restaurant sees to it that the pasta dish be eaten at its best quality.  

Smart move indeed!




When In Manila writers at Yomenya Goemon 




2/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 11.00pm Sundays to Thursdays, 11.00am to 11.00pm Fridays and Saturdays.

Visit their Facebook Page 

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photos by Cholo Isungga and Runnurse.com 


Yomenya Goemon: Spaghetti and Pizza the Japanese Way


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