Yeng Constantino Issues Apology to Siargao Doctor, Takes Down Vlog Post

Yeng Constantino has apologized to the Siargao doctor she named in a Facebook post and took videos of in her recent vlog chronicling the experience she and her husband Yan Asuncion had at a local public hospital.

Yeng Constantino Siargao

Source: Yeng Constantino,

In both posts she shared on Friday, July 19, Yeng expressed her frustration over Dapa Siargao Hospital for allegedly not giving her husband immediate attention after he injured himself while cliff diving. She also complained about the medical equipment and lack of staff, among others.

She also uploaded the photo of the doctor, the OIC Chief of Hospital of Siargao District Hospital, who she claimed had displayed lack of concern and urgency over her husband’s injury.

Both posts have since gone viral over the weekend with fans expressing their support for the singer while many others came to the defense of the doctor, explaining that Yeng might have misunderstood the doctor’s calm and collectedness in emergency situations for apathy.

In response to the backlash, Yeng has taken both posts down and issued an apology on Monday, July 22.

She explained that her posts were due to “high emotions” because she thought her husband “was in grave danger” following his accident.

“I realized I should have been more responsible in my posts,” she admitted.

She expressed regret over the hurt she may have caused to the doctor and the other medical professionals who were affected by her posts. “Whatever concerns I had should have been coursed through the proper forum. It was unfair to call her out on social media and I’m taking down the posts and the vlog immediately.”

“There is no excuse. I will do my best to be more responsible next time,” she added.

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Surigao del Norte 1st District Representative Francisco Jose Matugas, however, has informed the public that legislative action is already being taken to improve the health facilities in Siargao.

“We have sought legislation that would lift the status of the institution in question, the Siargao District Hospital, in the Municipality of Dapa, into a Level 2 hospital with more equipment and beds—one with 100 rooms from the current 15. Upgrading the hospital will also address the hospital’s biggest concern, the lack of personnel and manpower, including doctors, nurses, technicians and janitors, as it is going to be entitled to a budget directly from the National Government,” he said in a Facebook post.

He added that they have already deployed more ambulances and that training for the management of trauma patients and basic life support are currently being conducted.

Read his full post below:

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