Yakitori Japanese Grill: Skewered Chicken Restaurant at the Burgos Circle Fort BGC




When In Manila, you need to check out the new Japanese Grill / Skewered Chicken Restaurant over at the Fort BGC, right on Burgos Circle!




I’m a big fan of Japanese food so I had to try out this new place I happened to stumble upon. Fortunately for me, the owners were there and they shared some info about his new Japanese BBQ type place.


It’s called Yakitori, which translates to grill and chicken (very loosely). Of course, you can expect those to be their specialties!




Most everything here comes on a stick! It’s a big hit in Japan where people have this kind of food for dinner, snacks or with drinks (called pulutan in the Philippines).


Forgive me for not getting the names down as they were mostly in Japanese and I was really just there to eat, not expecting to have a cool story to blog about after. Anyway, in a nutshell, if you’ve been to one of those “manukan” type places, popular here in the Philippines, where chicken is grilled and cooked in every sort of way, from their gizzards to their hearts, and mostly cooked in the “inasal” way, then this is pretty much like that, but done the Japanese way.



Yakitore-Japanese-Barbecue-bbq-grill-chicken-finger-food-pulutan-inasal-type-food-fort-bgc-wheninmanila-manila-philippines-11 Yakitore-Japanese-Barbecue-bbq-grill-chicken-finger-food-pulutan-inasal-type-food-fort-bgc-wheninmanila-manila-philippines-13

Yakitori Grilled Crab Cakes



Yakitore-Japanese-Barbecue-bbq-grill-chicken-finger-food-pulutan-inasal-type-food-fort-bgc-wheninmanila-manila-philippines-14 Yakitore-Japanese-Barbecue-bbq-grill-chicken-finger-food-pulutan-inasal-type-food-fort-bgc-wheninmanila-manila-philippines-17

Yakitori Grilled Mushrooms



Yakitore-Japanese-Barbecue-bbq-grill-chicken-finger-food-pulutan-inasal-type-food-fort-bgc-wheninmanila-manila-philippines-19 Yakitore-Japanese-Barbecue-bbq-grill-chicken-finger-food-pulutan-inasal-type-food-fort-bgc-wheninmanila-manila-philippines-20

Yakitori Grilled Seafood Cakes Wrapped in Bacon



Yakitore-Japanese-Barbecue-bbq-grill-chicken-finger-food-pulutan-inasal-type-food-fort-bgc-wheninmanila-manila-philippines-22 Yakitore-Japanese-Barbecue-bbq-grill-chicken-finger-food-pulutan-inasal-type-food-fort-bgc-wheninmanila-manila-philippines-25

Yakitori Grilled Corn




Yakitori Grilled Chicken Tail




Yakitori Grilled Spring Onions




Yakitori Grilled Chicken Wings and Grilled Chicken Skin




How the night ended….




So for me, it was really like a “Japanese Chicken Inasal” type place where they’ll cook any part of the chicken and grill it into something yummy!


But yup, the food was scrumptious and not too heavy. One plate, with two sticks, ranged from P50 – P150.


In the end, we had about eight plates and two tummies filled with Japanese Grilled Chicken yumminess.


They just had their soft opening and can’t quite find a phone number or address for them online, but you can check out this Yakitori Grill Restaurant over at the Burgos Circle right next to Bugsy’s Bar.


When In Manila, do try this new place called Yakitori, for dinner or for some late night drinking and grilled snacks.





Yakitori Japanese Grill: Skewered Chicken Restaurant at the Burgos Circle Fort BGC