‘World’s Worst Cat’ That Was Up For Adoption Last Month Finally Found a New Home

“We though she was sick, turns out she’s just a jerk,” the Mitchell County Animal Rescue Inc. of North Carolina wrote in a Facebook post about Perdita, whom they named the “World’s Worst Cat.”

According to Mitchell County Animal Rescue Executive Director Amber Lowery in an interview with CNN, this tactic of being transparent about a pet’s undesirable qualities has proven successful in the past and they had hoped it would work for Perdita as well.

And it seems that it really did work because the shelter just posted an update last week that they have received over 175 applications! They eventually chose a couple from Tennessee to take Perdita home.

The couple, however, will be renaming the cat Noel, “just in case the name Perdita is the cause of her anger. (We can’t blame them for that!)” the shelter wrote in another Facebook post.

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According to the ad, posted last January 2020, Perdita likes “staring into your soul,” “lurking in dark corners, being queen of her domicile, fooling shelter staff into thinking she’s sick,” among other things. Meanwhile, her dislikes are “the color pink,” “Disney movies, Christmas and last but NOT least…HUGS.”

We hope that she will eventually warm up to her new family!

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