World Bloggers Aim to Visit 206 Countries in 365 Days!!!

Imagine that! Setting a goal to visit 206 Countries in 365 Days!

Well that’s exactly what bloggers Tony, Kelly and Toño had in mind and are well on their way to accomplishing.

Starting January 2010, three happiness ambassadors began an unprecedented journey to all 206 countries where Coca-Cola is sold. That’s 14 more countries than are represented in the United Nations! Their mission is to seek out “what makes people happy” around the world.

These “happiness ambassadors” will search for and share the optimism and happiness of Coca-Cola from Aruba to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. Their route will include some pretty amazing venues including- the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the World Cup in South Africa and the World Expo in Shanghai.

Throughout the year-long journey, these Happiness Ambassadors will be sharing their blog posts, tweets, videos, interviews and pictures so you can follow their adventures in every country along the way.

Today, Hannah of and I (of were fortunate enough to be invited by Coke to meet these bloggers as they visit their 75th country – The Philippines!

We were able to meet with Toño and Tony. It was so much fun to talk with fellow travelers and bloggers about their experiences from around the world. What was more fun though was to hear them talk about the little things that made them happy, like meeting new people, experiencing new things, finding themselves in crazy situations (like being on the Filipino Game Show “Eat Bulaga“) and about missing Mexican food.

Never in my entire life did I ever imagine I’d be here doing this today” exclaimed Toño.

Of course, our fun chats didn’t last long as they, again, had to rush off to their next country. They just came from Hong Kong this morning and they were off to Brunei next. I can’t even begin to imagine how much fun and how hectic their lives are right now.

If you want to hear about the rest of their travels and read about their stories, check out their blog – They also want you to talk to them and let them know what makes you happy. So send them a message through that blog of theirs!

When In Manila, check out the blogs of my friends Toño and Tony so you can see where in the world (literally) they are right now! Chances are, they won’t be there much longer!

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Bloggers Aim to Visit 206 Countries in 365 Days!!!