Win an Overnight Staycation at Picasso Boutique Residences, Salcedo Makati


When I entered my suite I was so shocked at how much space there was! It was really big! 


Their bed was very comfortable and I loved the color combinations of our suite. 


The suite even had a walk in closet and a huge bathroom with bathtub and a separate shower area.



They have this mini kitchenette that looks so cute but don’t underestimate it as it is complete with stove, microwave, sink, pantry and even refrigerator! I can make everything that I needed for a snack or for a pot of dinner. You don’t need to bring your own pots and pans as they will provide everything for you in one dial. Even wine glasses, utensils and plates good to feed your guests when they come over.


I love terraces! It’s a personal weakness of mine. I’m the reflective type who loves looking outside and observing passersby. It’s also a good place to have a glass of wine or read the morning paper. This suite doesn’t just have a terrace, it has TWO. Yep! Eventhough there’s a terrace, we weren’t bothered by any noise as it was very peaceful.



One of my favorite corners of the suite is this multi purpose table. Used it as a workstation most of the time and I was able to do work especially when it was urgent. I was able to post trending topics on When In Manila (.com) and work on articles because of this little nook of mine.



They also have Pablo, which is their restaurant at the ground floor. I love their vibe from morning to the evening. It’s a cool place to chill and have breakfast or have a beer at night.



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