WIM in Thailand Community Chats: What Is Your Favorite Black Mirror Episode?

The sixth season of the British anthology series Black Mirror has finally reached our screens, and it garnered quite a mix of reactions.

If you haven’t watched Black Mirror Season 6 on Netflix yet, stop reading here if you don’t want to get spoiled. We’ll be discussing some elements that happened in the episodes.

You’ve been warned!

The theme is…surprise?

Black Mirror initially wowed its audience with its complex storylines and mind-blowing twists. Season after season, fans get the shock of their lives and leave them questioning their existence. An over-the-top statement, but it really does make you think.

The sixth season of Black Mirror on Netflix, in this writer’s opinion, failed in that regard. It passed on the shock factor, but it was in the most random of ways. No build-up whatsoever was made to make you, at the very least, see what’s coming.

No. With a snap of a finger, an action or scene changes everything. It will make you go, “Where did that come from?!” It seemed to be a recurring incident in the episodes.

Joan is Awful

This episode is one of the best ones, according to many fans. The only “surprise” here is probably when Joan found out that she’s not the original Joan. This realization led to a wise decision by Joan to destroy the machine that created her world. It just begs the question: How does Joan 2 have a consciousness of her own?

Loch Henry

The ending may be quite expected, but it’s still a shock, nonetheless. Imagine: Your parents were the infamous killers that have been plaguing your town for years. At the same time, they were the reason for your ultimate success. Is this a Black Mirror way of interpreting what parents’ love means?

Beyond the Sea

This one was a long episode that deals with unbearable loss and jealousy. It was nice until the end, where you just can’t help but clasp your hands over your mouth. It was not, in any way, portrayed that David was capable of murder. He was a sensitive man, yes, but becoming a murderer was going from 0-100 real quick.

Mazey Day

You would think that, following the adventures of Bo & Co., they would find Mazey being tortured or being forced into some kind of cult. Nope. Guessed wrong! She turned into a werewolf. Why? How? When? No one knows. It just happened. Surprise!

Demon 79

Who knew demons can be entertaining? Then again, who knew Black Mirror would begin incorporating supernatural elements into the show? The corruptible Nida went into cahoots with Gaap, which allowed her to break out of her shell. You would think that all these might occurred in her imagination as her mom was portrayed to be a little mentally challenged, but it does seem like everything really happened. The apocalypse happened. It ended with a possible love story, too, as the pair walked away into nothingness.

Community Chats

We asked the WIM in Thailand community their favorite Black Mirror episode among all seasons and why. Here’s what they said:

BM 1

BM 2

BM 3

BM 4

BM 5

To be fair to the season 6 Black Mirror episodes, maybe life can be like that. All of a sudden, life throws something at you from your blind spot. You’re caught off guard and, next thing you know, you’re dealing with the totally unexpected—just hopefully not werewolves! 

What was your reaction to this latest season? Let us know in the comment section.