Wilson’s Place: A Tranquil and Relaxed Bed and Breakfast for Your Tagaytay Retreat

Wilson’s Place: A Tranquil and Relaxed Bed and Breakfast for Your Tagaytay Retreat


With the hustle and bustle in the city, isn’t it nice to have a break every once in a while, even just for a weekend? Of course, having a vacay and going to far-flung tourist spots like Boracay and Palawan can be time- and energy-consuming, if you only have a weekend to spare. The perfect solution? Nearby destinations that are near enough to lessen the hassle of your trip, but far enough to retreat from the sight of the stress-inducing Metro.

The first place that will probably pop into your mind is Tagaytay. Where else can you unwind and relax in a near-enough-to-lessen-the-hassle-of-your-trip-but-also-far-enough-to-retreat-from-the-sight-of-the-stress-inducing-Metro mode than the cool landscapes of this city? You can enjoy your two-day time off with so many sights to behold and activities to try.

Now, you’ve decided to push through this trip ASAP. You’ve considered your itinerary for that much-deserved escapade. You’re browsing the Internet for a nice hotel to stay in. Good news for you: here’s a highly recommended B&B that’ll give you a pleasant and tranquil overnight stay: Wilson’s Place Tagaytay!


Wilsons Place 13


Formerly known as the Bakasyon Grande, Wilson’s Place has been operating for two years now. Though it may be quite difficult to find, their location is ideal if you want to veer away from the usual hotels by the highway. You will appreciate the unspoiled splendor of the inner settings of the lovely Tagaytay City. A simple “Wilson’s” sign will greet you upon finding the site. Once you set foot in their entrance, the laidback mood of the place will be a refreshing welcome.


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Wilson’s Place has a large space, so even if they are full of guests, it is wide enough not to feel crowded. What’s nice is that you won’t have any trouble finding a private moment by the poolside or the receiving room or the swing near the entrance or wherever you’d like to set down.


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The hotel is high-ceilinged and bright. The interior is charmingly designed with quirky and modern details that bring out the uniqueness of this place. For one, they have mismatched chairs in similar hues, brass sculptures and glass furniture, wooden cabinets and fluffy couches, and a lot more that go well together. There are also a lot of magazines you can read to pass the time and a piano that anyone is free to use.


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