WHOA! Philippine Women’s Basketball Team Beats Laos By 147 Points


Photo from FIBA.com

Talk about “tambak!”

Perlas Pilipinas, the Philippine women’s basketball team, pulvurized Laos with a score of 179-32 at the SEABA Women’s Championship in Malacca, Malaysia.

With a 147-point lead against Laos, it is the team’s follow up to their win over Singapore with a score of 69-43.

Perlas Pilipinas scored 96 points on the first half alone. In the first quarter, the score was 50-15. That was the only quarter Laos scored a double digit. Laos just scored three points in the second quarter, eight in the third, and six in the fourth. At some point in the second quarter, there was a 46-3 run.

Perlas Pilipinas forced Laos to 51 turnovers, which accounted for 82 of their points.

Eight Perlas Pilipinas players scored double digits. Jack Animam had a career high of 28 points and 17 rebounds.

The team faced Vietnam today. Then, they will play against Indonesia on Friday and host Malaysia on Saturday.


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