Where does your Tax Money Go? Netizen Shares Her Thoughts

Tomorrow, the Philippines will celebrate Independence Day. It commemorates our declaration of independence from Spain last June 1898. It’s supposedly one of the most important holidays any country celebrates, but lately, it hasn’t been the case for the Philippines as more and more problems of corruption, poverty and the like arise in our country. However, despite this, all hope is not loss for our country. Let us not forget the hard working and honest Filipinos who continue to strive for better lives. These are the true Filipinos! Now the big question is… after all that hard work, where does our tax money go?

Independence DayDisclaimer: We do not own this photo. Photo is taken from tumblr.com


A few hours ago, Tin R. posted this status message on Facebook which many might agree with.

Since it’s payday today, and it’s Independence day tomorrow, I just want to give a big hug to the working class whose payslip reflects tax deducted by the government each and every payday.

I also wanted to share this sentiment by Ted Failon:
Yesterday, the congress was given 80,000 allowance each. Multiply by 280+ congressmen…that’s around 23 million in tax money. Where did that money come from?

From manong driver’s numerous trips to hit his boundary to provide just enough for his family.
From the ate who wakes up at 5 am everyday to be at the MRT before sunrise so she can squeeze herself in what we call for passable “transportation”.
From the kuya who works minimum wage yet his work entails maximum strength to be able to work at a factory where it’s no work-no pay.
From the ate who takes calls from different countries, forcing her to work during ungodly hours and has 15 minute breaks which she maximizes for bathroom breaks.
From the ates and the kuyas who commute Monday-Friday, going to Makati, BGC, Ortigas, wasting away 4 hours of their lives in EDSA everyday just because we can’t have a proper system. Four hours which could have been spent with their families.

I hope our hard-earned money is being used wisely by our politicians. But we do know this is not the case.

So next time you see a congressman, please tell him, “you’re welcome”.


We are in no place to discriminate anyone, but we do however wish to commend the hard working and honest Filipinos for going through the difficult and tiresome work just to put food on the table, to send your kids to school, and to basically survive, we salute you. These are the unsung heroes – maybe not to everyone – but surely to their families and loved ones. Despite hardship, they continue to strive and push harder, hoping one day, our country will rise once again.

…as for the congressmen and some other politicians… “you’re welcome”

Happy independence day Philippines!