WhenInManila.com joins Blogwatch.ph for the 2010 Philippine Elections

WhenInManila.com has joined Blogwatch.ph to be an independent source of news (albeit just “fake/satirical” stuff from WhenInManila.com) for the 2010 Philippine Elections and beyond! We have joined an impressive group of serious (non-fake) Filipino Bloggers who will be watching every move from the Philippines’ presidentiables & politicians this coming electoral season.

When In Manila will be like a Commission on Elections for you! We plan on giving you all the news and headlines with election stats and results. We’ll be covering the polls, the candidates, the fund raising, the voting public, the local scenes and more! In fact, we will call ourselves the COMELEC as we endure this process of providing you with “fake” electoral news and….. Oh…… sorry….. we were just informed that the term “Comelec” (comelec gov) is already in use…. We now question if they really work though… *wink

But in all seriousness, When In Manila is proud to be a member of this elite group of blogging masterminds. With their insights and professionalism, and our humor /ability to draw attention to a topic, we hope to help make a difference by making this a fair and democratic election process for the Philippines! (Oh, and we were told that we get cool business cards if we join…)

Here’s a list of some of the bloggers that will be on our team. I know we’re adding to this list as we speak, so I’ll try to update as I get more info.

Sonnie Santos  https://sesantos.com.ph
VIncent Golangco  https://wheninmanila.com
Marck Rimorin  https://marocharim.com
Juned Sonido  https://baratillo.net
Fritz Tentativa  https://fritzified.com

Oh and to watch our first video for BlogWatch…. click HERE – WhenInManila+BlogWatch 1

Blogwatch logo Filipino bloggers 2010 elections coverage Blogwatch.ph WhenInManila.com

WIM News anchor Vince Golangco of WhenInManila.com for Blogwatch.ph

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