When In Hong Kong: Head Up to Victoria Peak

It’s so nice to be back in some colder weather. Got nothing but love for the Philippines but I swear, to the window, to the wall, the sweat dropping down my… b… ba…. back….just can’t take it anymore!

FlairCandy and I took a little trip over to nearby Hong Kong. As always, it’s great to fly with Cebu Pacific. Was also funny how we knew so many of the writers and people featured in this month’s Smile Magazine (the in flight mag of Cebu Pacific Airlines). Shout outs to Tim Tayag and Ana Santos for the awesome articles in the November issue of Smile Magazine. Also saw  cameos of  friends Nikka Sarthaou, Estan and Ellaine in there.

Anyway, had nothing but ooooohs and aaaaaaahs once we got to Hong Kong. The airport, the transportation, the traffic (or lack thereof) and even how friendly many people were automatically made us give this trip a thumbs up.

Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (9)

Also, not sure why but the Island Pacific Hotel, which we were staying at, randomly upgraded our room to a deluxe. It was on the 25th floor with an AMAZING view of the water with their floor to ceiling high windows.

Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (19)

Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (15)



Immediately we went out for some good old Chinese food. Unfortunately, I never really paid attention in my Chinese classes so I had no clue what to order while checking out many of the menus. Good thing the stores had menus in English too! I have no clue where we ate (name of the place was in Chinese), but all I know is that my love for Chinese food just got revamped!

Hong Kong Day 1 - Island Pacific Hotel Victoria Harbor View (52)

Of course, we went around town for some shopping. FlairCandy had to go to H&M and many of the shops all over town.


After shopping, our only other itinerary for day 1 was to go to up and see Hong Kong from a birds eye view. So we took the tram up to Victoria Peak.


The Victoria Peak Tram was really fun as it tilted to 45 degrees. It’s actually a little bit scary when you’re at an angle like that in a tram / train, when you’re normally used to it being flat; but I’m sure it’s really safe.



Once up at Victoria Peak, we did a little more shopping at the mall on top. We also enjoyed a little Fish Spa at the Wonderfish Spa, and will write about that later on as well. Most importantly though, we made sure to enjoy the views of Hong Kong when the sun went down and the lights came on. Truly breathtaking! Will let the pictures do the talking.


When In Manila…. I mean…. When in Hong Kong, be sure to check out Victoria Peak to see how beautiful this industrialized city really is! I swear, that song from Alicia Keys, “Let’s hear it for Hong Kong…. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of…” kept playing in my head…. that’s the song right? Oh and be sure to try all sorts of yummy Chinese food here too!

Our hotel: The Island Pacific Hotel Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island Pacific Hotel Address: 152 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island Pacific Hotel Telephone: (852) 2131 1188

Hong Kong Island Pacific Hotel Fax: (852) 2131 1212

Hong Kong Island Pacific Hotel Email: info@islandpacifichotel.com.hk

Hong Kong Island Pacific Hotel Website – http://www.sino-hotels.com/Island_Pacific_Hotel/en/default.aspx

When In Hong Kong: Head Up to Victoria Peak

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