WHAT TO DO AFTER YOLO: 35 No Fail Hangover Remedies

Crowdsourcing: What is your tried and tested hangover cure?(And no guys, I am not hungover on a Thursday, it's for an article. :P)

Posted by Isa Rodriguez on Thursday, October 20, 2016

When In Manila, or anywhere in the world, one of life’s biggest question has always been: How does one get rid of a hangover? Being the social media savy millennial that I am, I decide the answer to this one all important life question the only way I knew how – through the internet.


And, for your perusal (because, let’s be honest, you’re gonna need this list sooner or later), here are just some of the answers I got:

35. “Lugaw” -Kyle

34. “Berroca+Power Nap”  -Raphael

33. “Dasal” – Bea

32. “Pocari sweat” -Maria Anthea

31. hangover-remedies-1

30. “Prevention. Vitamin B before drinking, and a pitcher of water before sleeping. No hangover!” -CJ

29. “Drink a whole bottle of Gatorade(750ml) before sleeping” -Jordan

28. “Skyflakes and Coke the next day. #surewin” -Marion

27. “Anything fried and half a can of 7up.” -Jay

26. “Pancit canton with chili oil or Chili ramen to sweat out the alcohol, and Paracetamol in the morning! Quick note though taking meds when alcohol is still in the body can damage the liver! so take meds after you throw up!” -CJ

25. “Bulalo+Coke+Berroca+tulog” -Christine

24. “Paracetamol and lots of water prior bed then berroca the day after” -Clade

23. “Banana and milk”  – Jaia????????

22. “I take 2 caplets of Tylenol 500mg (Acetaminophen, not the local one made of Ibuprofen) with Pocari sweat before sleeping. Melatonin and/or Diphenedryne (sp?) HCL, too.” – Robert

21. hangover-remedies2

20. “Love.” – Rod
 19. “A glass of Berocca, 1 Bonamine, a bag of plain M&Ms. Works every time.” – Aika

18. “Water and Mefenamic Acid and sleep all day long” – Marco

17. “Vitamin B IV drip.”

16. “I throw up whatever’s left in my stomach (usually just acid), drink lots of water, vitamins then I go for yoga / anything that will make me sweat.” -Justine


14. “Hot yoga and a lot of water” -Virgilio

13. “Fried egg. Tried and tested. The folic acid helps “awaken” your brain. Get rid of thr headache, etc. 🙂 you can Google that one for extra references.” -Cheffrey

12. “Its a process for me. I drink 2 big glasses of water before i sleep. 2 more when i wake up. 2 tablets of vitamin c or berocca. 1 multivitamin. More water throughout the day. Work out.” – Marita

11. “At least 10hrs of sleep, vitC 2000mg, alternate hot/cold shower, and at least 3 glasses of water!” – Jasmine

10.”Banana for potassium, gatorade for electrolytes, bacon for grease. 🙂 and tons of water.” -Nikki

9. hangover-remedies3

8. “2 glasses of Lemonade and a very warm shower.”  – Deedee

7. “advil coffee” – Kevin

6. “essentially, you just really need to rehydrate… Gatorade for hydration + Kremil S for acidity + paracetamol for potential headache” – Dean

5. “One tablet of Saridon, pocari sweat and prayers kay papa God” – Red

4. “Ice cold water, spicy ramen then froyo” – Joseph

3. “Drink lots of water (even really cold juice or softdrink) and pee whenever you can. Then take cold shower before sleeping no matter how tired, tipsy or sleepy you are. I always wake-up with no hangover when I do all those three. Hehe” – Pamela

2. “surefire hangover cure is to never stop drinking”  -Bryan

1. “Nothing. Go through it like a man.” – Jesus

But the best reply is still reminder that we are all still mere mortals when it comes to alcohol and hangovers:


Remember to always drink moderately and take care of your liver!

It’s the long weekend! Are you ready for the festivites? I know I am!


#ThankYouLivermarin #WIMLovesLivermarin

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