We Asked Gen Zs What Their Idea of a “Perfect Date” is, and Here’s What They Said

Written by Kiana Palacios

What’s your ideal perfect date? Every person has their standards, but you know what they say—your ideal date can say a lot about your personality. We asked the WIM Squad to describe their ideal date, and their answers are guaranteed to make you kilig or perhaps even give you an idea for your next big date!

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16. F.O.O.D.

“I guess my dream date would be going out to somewhere I haven’t been to before so I can explore and have a lot to talk about with the person. AND GOOD FOOD HAHA”



15. Totally chill

Probably a nice really chill dinner in a restaurant and all good vibes lang. It can be really simple too like going to the movies or chilling at home and ordering food HAHA. Could also be watching TV and card games or something!!



14. Thinking practical

Study Date. Walking and talking. Doing errands together like grocery shopping, going to the bank! You get to lowkey learn what they like.



13. Bonfire night!

Swimming in the morning. Beach views, big breakfast with friends and dogs, hiking and cliff diving, kwentuhan sesh, bonfire, camping under the stars.



12. Anything goes

The perfect date can honestly be anything because the only thing that matter is that the person you are on a date with can relate and have fun with you.



11. Concert buddies

Going to a concert together

-Annz Archie


10. Simple but worth it.

Date on the beach! ?

-Kristen Villafuerte


9. Getting to know you

Eat out (comfort food not fancy food), nonstop conversations/getting to know each other, walking around

-Michelle Neri


8. Just the two of us

I would love a date somewhere in like Bali. I don’t want it in an overcrowded place, just somewhere quiet where we can relax. maybe like a super relaxing pamper day, we can swim or eat of watch Indonesian people dance by the beach trololol



7. Halloween

the best i’ve had with my boyfriend was last halloween: we biked around intramuros late at night and went looking for ghosts and clues for a mystery game.

-Christiana Catu


6. A trip down history lane

My perfect date would be dinner in a restaurant of his choice. It doesn’t have to be fancy, as long as the food’s great. Afterwards, a late night walk in a really nice place with not a lot of people around; could be by the beach, the streets of Intramuros or Vigan, or under the city lights.



5. Up a level

Movies wings cuddle and f***



4. Vlog Squad

Local and international travels + doing vlogs while on the road.

-Alyssa Ladlad


3. All in the car ride

Since I’m a cheesy romantic, my ideal perfect date would be a cliche long car ride to a far off place. The destination wouldn’t matter all that much, but the car ride itself is what I’m all about. We’d listen to our favorite songs and just talk about anything and everything all the way. There’s something so beautiful about the simplicity of it all. Just being with the person you love the most, going on an adventure, and experiencing every moment together would be a pretty cool and amazing date for me.

-Vanessa Tiong


2. Beach date!!

My ideal perfect date is waking up early, around 6 AM, for a roadtrip to the beach. Picnic breakfast on the sand while we listen to the waves poetically crash on the shore. After eating, we pack up and walk along the beach to breathe in the fresh salted air and have deep conversations about life and our dreams. The ocean really calms me and having someone I love share that with me means the world! We can have lunch in a restaurant nearby then stroll along residences by the beach, talking to the locals and maybe getting matchy henna tattoos to commemorate the special day

Simple things like that gives me the most joy because it means being able to spend every second with a special someone. We can watch the sunset and just sit and admire how God is the most amazing artist one can imagine. It’s a captivating moment where in the vibrant colors of the sky just blend perfectly together creating the most beautiful scenery. Dinner can be anywhere to be honest as long as the food is authentic

It’s a chance for us to converse about random things that make us laugh or smile. My ideal perfect date ends with stargazing beside my special someone. My next favorite thing besides the ocean is the night sky and how the stars twinkle above us effortlessly. I love how the moon watches us beautifully no matter what phase it is in. It reminds me of how big the universe actually is and we are just mere specs compared to His greater plan. It’s truly a day filled with raw admiration and love.

-Angela King


1. The perfect planned out day

For most guys, the ideal date can definitely vary on the types of hobbies that a guy likes (but most of the time, food is a common denominator). Anyway, for me, an ideal date would probably take the whoooole day. First, I’d be spending time having coffee with that person in a peaceful cafe right at the outskirts of town.

Then, since I love doing self care, I would treat her out to like a massage or a facial treatment before we have lunch in a place that we haven’t been before. I don’t mind the price range, since money is supposed to be spent (but in a reasonable amount) and dates are supposed to be special. Then, I’d end the day just taking her to the beach, burying my feet on the sand and having my hands wrapped around her waist as I have my head on her shoulder (or the other way around). While we’re doing this, we’d be watching the sun slowly disappear in the horizon while the sky turns a hazy orange and purple.

Then, when night comes, I’d take her to my city’s boulevard so I can show her the place and all the good places. I’d loooove to end the night having Samgyeopsal with her. After probably stuffing ourselves for a while, we’d buy some milktea or go to an arcade/circus and just have fun! After all that, I would take her home so that she is safe.



What’s your idea of a perfect date? Let us know in the comments!