WATCH: This Sax Cover of Harry Styles’ Sign of the Times is Something You Really Need to Hear

First of all. Can we please, just for a while, acknowledge the fact that Harry Styles’ first solo album is actually really good? I mean, if you’re doubting this you probably haven’t heard the album yet, so do yourself a favor and go listen to it now. No cheesy One Direction pop songs in there, I promise.

Okay? Now that’s out of the way…

So here’s Luis Graziatto who, aside from being easy on eyes with his dapper style right there, has a hobby of blessing the internet with amazing sax covers of current popular songs. Like this Despacito cover, for example.

This time around, though, Graziatto took on Harry Styles’ Sign of the Times, and guys, honestly, it’s so. good.

Just watch and take a good listen here:

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