WATCH: This restaurant serves a meal of NOTHING!

If you want something new for lunch or dinner, or maybe if you are on a diet, then you might want to give the “Ghost Meal” a try.

Holy Grill is serving a “Ghost Meal” in celebration of the Ghost Month.

For P50, you can get a “Ghost Meal” which consists of literally nothing with a glass of iced tea, as an offering to ghosts and spirits. According to Holy Grill, P20 goes directly to their staff.

You can choose to have an air-grilled “Ghost Meal” or a sizzling one.

According to Holy Grill’s Jose Marcelo III:

The Holy Ghost meal tastes like your favorite meal—in air! Just like ghosts, it is invisible too! Though if you have a third eye maybe you can see it. Otherwise, you can just imagine the food!

Nope, this is not a prank. We are really offering this and hope you can help us spread the word. This is so ridiculous everybody deserves to know about it!

To know more about the “Ghost Meal,” watch the video below.

In Chinese folklore, the seventh lunar month is considered the Ghost Month. For 2018, the Ghost Month is celebrated from August 11 to September 9. During this period, ghosts and spirits are believed to be out and about to cause bad luck.

Will you try the Ghost Meal?